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((Make a character and go crazy!))

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Maggiore glanced around,looking for his student.

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Justrax raced down the corridor, checking to see that he had his lightsaber. As he walked into the training room, he saw his Master standing there. "Sorry master," he apoligized.

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Justrax saw B32-60 in a corner. "Not him, master?" he asked, for B32-60 was one of the hardest training droids in the Temple.

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B32-60 powered up.

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Maggiore smiled wryly. He gestured to b32-60.

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B32-60 powered up his lightsabers and ran at Justrax. Justrax ignited his green blade and used hiw speed to his advantage, whirling in between B32-60's legs. B32-60 was always able to parry the blade, however. Justrax knew he needed a better plan. As he parried, he used the Force to begin to pull a large rock towards them. He kept on the attack, so B32-60 wouldn't have time to see what he was doing. He brought the rock so it was over B32-60's head. Then, he used the Force to throw a pebble at B32-60's head. B32-60 locked sabers with Justrax and looked in the other direction. Justrax let go of the rock. Somehow, B32-60 was able to backflip out before the rock fell. It powered down its lightsabers and said, "Well done, young Jedi. Your master should be proud of you." Suddenly, B32-60's comlink beeped. "This is B32-60," it said. "Come in." A staticky voice broke the silence. "This is Jedi Master Plo Koon. The Temple is under attack! Two Siths, known by Ulf and Zith, have landed an army of Assassin droids and are trying to take over the Temple! I need all the Jedi up there to hurry down! This is critical!"

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 125 comments Mod
Tienna didn't like hanging around the training children--they made her nervous, they were too short and loud--but she had been ordered to. She had been been walking by when she heard Master Plo Koon's message and immediately snapped to alert.
"I'll spread the word," she said abruptly, taking off at a run.

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Justrax and Maggiore rushed into the landing bay. Plo Koon and a few younglings were facing off against the Sith. The younglings were handicapping Plo, otherwise he would have crushed the Sith. Justrax ignited his green lightsaber and jumped down to help Plo. B32-60 rushed out of a side corridor, firing lasers from his blaster and waving his sabers overhead.

Ulf grew two more arms and picked up two lightsabers from dead Jedi. Using two to fend off Plo and one to fend off B32-60's blaster bolts, he ran forward and struck down another Jedi with the other saber. Zith moved into position to fend off Justrax, killing two more in the process.

Justrax rushed towards Zith. The Kaminoan turned gracefully and calmly blocked Justrax's first slash. "You can do better than that," Zith taunted. Justrax flipped backwards and flung his saber in mid-leap. It spun to wards Zith, who threw out his hand and stopped it short with the Force. Justrax called it back to him and swung it back to deflect a blaster bolt sent at him by one of Ulf's sabers.

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Maggiore's lightsaber lept out. Suddenly he saw Varll,watching him calmly. Varll's eyes narrowed.

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Olivia (livibooks3) Sadran heard fighting in the direction of the landing bay. She spun around from where she had been sparring with S3-51 and dashed off to the bay doors. Turning the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks. She had come up BEHIND a pair of Sith. They were occupied with Maggiore and Justrax. She looked at the pair, and decided the many-armed one looked more dangerous. She gulped and snuck up behind the Kaminoan instead. She raised her lightsaber...

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Sirblian was meditating when the call came through. Igniting his lightsaber, he ran to one of the windows. Underneath, the brilliant lights of sabers clashed. He slash an X in the window and used the force to blow out the window. Jumping out, he threw his saber in front of him to block a slash from Ulf directed at Plo, while using the Force to hold off Ulf's other slash at B32-60.

Zith sensed Sadran's slash. Jumping forward in a somersault while moving his saber off to the side, the point of his saber slashed through Justrax's legs at the knee. Justrax fell, grimacing in pain. Maggiore fended off the finishing slash from Zith.

Sirblian decided that Plo and B32-60 had Ulf, so he took Justrax's spot in the assault on the lithe Zith.

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Olivia (livibooks3) Sadran ducked under Zith's slash and rolled onto the other side of the battle field. She grabbed Justrax and sprinted with her injured comrade to the medical bay. It seemed that they had been merely in the way....

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Maggiore's eyes hardened as he slashed once again at the sith. Varll smiled his annoyingly perfect smile and swept away.

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Olivia (livibooks3) Sadran reached the medical bay and quickly handed Justrax over to the medics. "Please get to him quickly he's seriously injured" she said and dashed back in the direction of the fight.

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Olivia wrote: "Sadran reached the medical bay and quickly handed Justrax over to the medics. "Please get to him quickly he's losing a lot of blood" she said and dashed back in the direction of the fight. "

((Actually, he's not, because lightsabers cauterize the wounds, which means they sear it shut and it doesn't bleed.))

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Olivia (livibooks3) ((oops. its been a while. I should remember that. I thought you said his legs were cut though. are they off or not? I will change that post...))

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Varl took out his lightsaber and swept into battle.

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Olivia (livibooks3) Sadran reached the scene of the fight again and began to concentrate on the force.

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((They're off.))

Sirblian yelled, "NO!" as Ulf grew an arm, picked up a saber, and threw it at Sadran.

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Olivia (livibooks3) She was busy concentrating and did not notice as the saber flew towards her

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Plo slid back and threw his own saber, using the force to guide it into the path if Ulf's saber. He had to jump out of the fight, because his own saber was deflected by Ulf's. He called it back to him and jumped down at Ulf. Ulf had pressed his advantage against B32-60 by picking up another two sabers, making it three sabers to six. Plo called back his saber, but saving Sadran had cost them a huge lead for Ulf.

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Olivia (livibooks3) However Sadran had not even noticed the drama. She was still building up something huge with the force...

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 125 comments Mod
Tienna leapt into the fight, backing up B32-60 against Ulf. She had heard about him... and didn't like it one bit. How had they gotten here? How had they snuck on Plo? Security must be adjusted. Once they got out of this fight, that is.

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Varl lashed out with his lightsaber,eyes glowing like embers in the heat of the battle.

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Olivia (livibooks3) Then, Sadran unleashed the force upon Ulf. A concentrated blast of the Force spun directly at Ulf and smashed him a few yards backwards into the wall, ripping all but one of his arms off, and severely damaging his armor as well. She fell back on the floor, exhausted, holding her lightsaber up just in case.

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 125 comments Mod
Tienna nodded at Sadran and stepped in front of her to back her up. That had taken a lot of energy out of her, and until she got it back, she'd be pretty much out of the fight. Tienna had called for reinforcements, but she didn't know if anyone was coming.

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Varl lunged at Tienna,lightsaber raised.

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Tienna parried Varl's blow and spun, swinging down as she went. She began working on a defense strategy, though she knew they could only win this fight through blind luck or reinforcements arriving on time.

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Varl dodged,then swung again.

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Tienna dodged as well, using the force to send shattered glass flying in Varl's direction.

hypocrite clams... Niala sighed. This looked like the place... now to find someone to direct her to the training areas. She had just recently escaped Tatooine, and she needed a place to stay. She was pretty good with lightsabers, so she decided to stay here, until she could return to Naboo.

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Varl ducked the glass and his eyes narrowed,he had misjudged her. Gesturing with his hand,he sent the glass hurtling back at her in a huge shard.

hypocrite clams... Niala walked through the silent halls. She looked up when she heard yelling. Fighting?

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Maggiore ducked a blow and delivered on of his own.

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hypocrite clams... Niala ran toward the sound, and ducked behind an upturned table to get her bearings. Those are the good guys... so those are the bad. She didn't know what side she should fight on, so she chose the jedi.

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Akkira hadseen the jedis were in troulble. did she care? Maybe. she walked over and bumped into another girl.(could Akkira meet Niala??)

hypocrite clams... ((Sure)) "Hey! Oh, sorry," she said, realizing that it was her that was just standing in the middle of the road.

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Akkira smiled softly,"It's okay . . .i'm Akkira the Wanderer,who are you?"

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Tienna made the glass shatter in a cloud of sparkles, continuing to spar with Varl. If help didn't get here soon... well, it would be bad. She didn't even want to think about what would happen.

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Varl lunged quickly with a side ways swing.

hypocrite clams... "I'm Niala," she said, smiling. "Hear that noise? I'm going to go check it out. Want to come?"

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"Sure,got nothing better to do . . ."she replied

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hypocrite clams... Niala peered around the end of the corridor again. "Looks like this is the jedis' place. We should probably fight with them," she decided. She pulled out her lightsabers and snuck up on one of the siths from behind, stopping his lightsaber during a sideways swing. ((Varl))

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Mirdalia rolled in and blocked a swipe at Tienna.

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 125 comments Mod
((so is Mirdalia on the Jedi's side? It says "Jedi Nomad" so I just want to be sure))

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Olivia (livibooks3) Sadran shook herself and started to get up. Had it worked? Was the many-armed one out of the running?

hypocrite clams... Niala kicked the sith's legs out from under him and started fighting another. She froze as she recognized one. Ulf, was it? She ran toward him, lunging.

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((Mnm, please don't just jump into a roleplay, especially not as one of another person's characters. You have to make a charcter before you can roleplay. Hannah, Mirdalia is for the moment.))

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