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message 1: by Keta (new)

Keta (ketadiablo) | 28 comments Hoep I don't get my fingers slapped. Won't be able to type!

I posted the other day and introduced myself.

Here's some stuff about me and my books. I'm an author and I live in the Midwest portion of the US. I love to read and garden when I'm not writing. I read in a wide variety of genres, but mostly historical, erotica and fantasy.

I also write sensual and erotica for Phaze, Siren, Ravenous and Noble Romance.

Here are my latest three releases. If you're inclined, please go check them out. My web site is listed below too.

Land of Falling Stars, an erotica historical released through Ravenous Romance,

Dust and Moonlight, an erotica fantasy, released through Siren Publishing,

Decadent Deceptions - A Molly Contest finalist and an erotica historical, released by Noble Romance,

Stop by my author web site and enter my contest to win a free book.

Thanks for checking me out. Talk to you soon.


message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 9967 comments Mod
Keta... I almost, ALMOST whipped out the ruler to smack your knuckles, but then thought better of it.

Please be sure to join in on our thread discussions and get to know us here. I know you posted your newbie and thats a great start, really, but we would like to get to know what you are reading, what books you are into, so jump in......ok?

message 3: by Keta (new)

Keta (ketadiablo) | 28 comments I just finished reading Forbidden by Helen Kirkman and loved it.

I'm off to read To Sin With A Stranger now.

I'll post this on the main thread too.


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