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message 1: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) I want to see this movie so bad. Bill Nighy was the best bad guy! Was he in this movie more?

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) Has anyone read the books? Since they were written after the movies (I think), I wasn't too interested but if someone thought they were good...

message 3: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
They will probably pan out just like the movies. I mean once they make the movie they cant just change the script in the book. Unless of course they just use the same characters and not plots.

Yeah I loved the first two movies, cant wait to see the third. My only problem is that the werewoves looked a bit too fake, kind of stiff.

message 4: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 115 comments Mod
I thought they did a good job with the werewolves myself. Have you ever seen the short film/documentary about the creation of the Lycan costumes and how the actors worked in the make-up?

It's pretty interesting. They worked pretty hard on them to give them as much facial movement as possible.

Then how they walk in the make-up. They are on stilts with the backwards bending legs. A lot of work!

message 5: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) Yeah, they were a little stiff but they were intense!

message 6: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
Im not saying that there wasnt some ingenious work put into them, I just prefer the CGI route. The werewolves of Van Helsing were the coolest movie werewolves Ive seen so far.
The werewolf in Cursed (totaly cheesy movie but I loved it) looked fake too.

Oh, by the way, I just watched for the first time Steven King's "Silver Bullet" I was impressed with that considering how old it is.

message 7: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 115 comments Mod
I agree that CGI can be pretty cool if used right.
And yes indeed, Van Helsing was cool. I also liked the way the clothing on the vampires changed to skin/wings and back. Nicely done.

message 8: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
Yeah that was sweet. It is my all time favorite movie, but thats probably because it was inspired entierly from the old black and white Universal horror movies, which I LOVE!

message 9: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Being a long time fan and amateur special effect guy, I actually prefer the blended route. Not totally CGI, but not overly Henson either. Look at some Stan Winston [RIP:] Studios work and he'll blow your mind with what can be done, but I think with a balance of both, you can get that true realism that is just missing when you go one way or the other.

I hope this movie doesn't blow. I'm tired of being disappointed over movies that should take work to screw up.

message 10: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Friar = David Wenham

message 11: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
He was funny in Van Helsing, but he slaughtered his character in LOTR. In all fairness, it wasnt his fault I guess, It was a flaw in the script.

message 12: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Hilarious in Van Helsing, almost didn't recognize him in 300, he was all manly and stuff.

message 13: by Leah (new)

Leah (ling_ling) I liked this movie because it focused more on the Lycans and Lucien rocked.. but I'm personally more interested in werewolves and the likes than vamps so thats probably why the 3rd Underworld held my attention better than the others did..

Oh and hi I just joined this group today..

message 14: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 80 comments I haven't seen it yet, s looking forward to it. Yeah, I've always been a big werewolf fan since a kid and The Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. Read the werewolf stories and novels over the year and collect them over many others.
My fave book version is Wolfen, though the movie was okay, it was not the novel at all, except for two main characters from the novel. the movie came out in the 70s when native Americans were the thing.

message 15: by Leah (new)

Leah (ling_ling) my favorite film adaption of a werewolf story has to be American Werewolf in London I know its cliche in a lot of ways but I've loved it forever..

I will have to look into Wolfen..

message 16: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
Yeah it does sound good. Another werewolf movie that didnt follow the book at all is "Blood and Chocolate." The only thing similar between the two are the names of the characters. I did enjoy both though.

message 17: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 80 comments Wolfen the novel is by Whitley Streiber. It is out of print though--so check used bookstores or on Amazon for it. The werewolves are shapeshifters as we think of them.

message 18: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 80 comments Another good werewolf movie is Dog Soldiers.
And there's to be a remake of the 1940s The Wolfman coming out this year.

message 19: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 80 comments Also try Ginger Snaps and its sequels. Plus The Howling. The Howling book is good too. But for movies, the first two--forget the other sequels. Yuck!

message 20: by Leah (new)

Leah (ling_ling) I've seen the Howling.. that was a good movie.. and I keep meaning to see Ginger Snaps.. I was working in a video rental store when the sequel came out but they didn't have the original!

message 21: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) The Wolf Man (2009)

Director: Joe Johnston

message 22: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 80 comments I thought it was coming out early 2009--does anyone know for sure?

message 23: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) “The Wolfman”
Release date: April 3, 2009
Genre: Action/Horror
Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Art Malik
Directed by: Joe Johnston
Screenplay by: Andrew Kevin Walker and David Self
Based on the motion picture screenplay by: Curt Siodmak
Produced by: Scott Stuber, Benicio Del Toro, Rick Yorn and Sean Daniel
Executive producers: Bill Carraro, Andrew Z. Davis.

message 24: by Leah (new)

Leah (ling_ling) i'm looking forward to it too!

message 25: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod
Most definitely! It's about time Wolfman got a remake. I mean come on, Dracula has like fifty!

message 26: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Dracula/Vampires get all the attention, what about some of the other bad a$$ creatures out there. Maybe it will start another trend.

message 27: by Josh, Major Slacker (new)

Josh | 81 comments Mod

message 28: by Elke (new)

Elke (misspider) Hi you all,
can anybody please enlighten me about the chronological order of the books and their relation to the movie parts? At the moment I got it like this:
Underworld - part 1?
Evolution - part 2?
Blood Enemy - book 3, but a prequel?
Rise of the Lycans - ???

Thanks a lot!

I have not yet seen part 3 which will be in cinemas next week, but of course it is already marked as must-see.

message 29: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Saw this today, wasn't bad. The thing I like about the vampires in this flick is that they seem to say screw it to the gratuitous blood drinking that plagues many a vampire flick.

message 30: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) it's a prequel that you cannot watch first, but overall I like the film.

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