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Still More of the Best: Stories for Girls Formerly Like It Is (Paperback)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Collection of short stories about adolescent girls [s]

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Summer | 41 comments Circa 1980. Possibly published by Dell or Yearling. Title may have included More Stories for Girls.

The story I remember most vividly was about two girls who were roommates or classmates at a boarding school. One was black and the other was white; both devout Christians.

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Wendy | 52 comments I wonder if this is Seventeen From Seventeen? Of course, the same story could have been published in multiple collections. In the black/white story in this book, the white girl is trying to show how liberal she is, but after the black girl leaves, she looks back and sees the white girl carefully separating the teacups they'd used so she could wash them in separate dishwater.

Summer | 41 comments That is so it! Thanks!

Summer | 41 comments Actually, after looking at the book, I think the book I owned was different. Still, it's a great lead. Thanks!

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Wendy | 52 comments The story in Seventeen from Seventeen (and I'm almost sure the story is the one you're thinking of, even if the book isn't) is called "Two Nice Girls", by Frances Gray Patton. Maybe you can use that to find your anthology. Good luck!

Summer | 41 comments Thanks, Wendy, that is definitely the correct story. I meant to post that I found a promising title from Alibris and ordered it. I will let you know if it pans out. Thanks so much!

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Summer | 41 comments My description was a little off, but thanks to What’s the Name of that Book???, Wendy, and Alibris, I got the correct book! (Actually, I got the three volume series.) The book I owned was Still More of the Best: Stories for Girls Formerly Like It Is published in 1979 by Western Publishing which seems like it might have been a subsidiary of Golden Press.

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Wendy | 52 comments I'm so glad you found it! I remember those "Batch of the Best" books being advertised at the back of Trixie Beldens.

Summer | 41 comments I just added the volumes and scanned in the cover art. That was pretty satisfying. Maybe someone else out there is looking for them also.

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