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E-books versus paper

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Ebooks are starting to be more popular, and are especially doing well for the nontraditional romance field, like erotic romance, gay romance, etc. What do you think about ebooks compared to paper?

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I'm old-fashioned and still prefer traditional books. When I'm done with them, they look pretty on my shelf or I could trade them in at for credits so I can get something else. But I am certainly not averse to e-books and my collection of gay and erotic romance is slowly growing.

message 3: by Daisiemae (new)

Daisiemae | 1 comments I read both Ebooks and paperback romances. I started reading ebooks because I am a huge Ellora's Cave fan. Alot of the stories are not on paper, so I started downloading them onto my computer.
A couple advantages I have found with Ebooks are:
First there isn't any clutter and I don't have to find space for my keepers. My shelves are very crowded and I find myself getting rid of books I normally wouldn't because of lack of room.
Second, It's pretty handy..I can read my favorite ebook while surfing the net.
Third, it's cheaper for an Ebook most of the time and you get instant gradification. The book comes to you immediately, no waiting is required!
But, in all honesty..I still love a paperback and will probably always prefer them. Nothing is better than holding a well-loved book in your hand...that is something a Ebook can never compete with.

message 4: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 2 comments I don't mind reading ebooks on my computer, and I have two books of my own available in electronic format, but I'd much rather have a paperback because I like to take a book to bed with me.

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I just bought a Sony ebook reader- they had it at Borders so I could look at it- very sleek and easy to use, and I can make the print bigger, which is nice. Very lightweight, and when you hold it, your thumb is right next to the page-turning button. I'm very impressed, and I took it to bed last night!

message 6: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I have a Dell Axim which was a lot of fun when I bought it. Now it's clunky and rather unstable and hardly gets used anymore. The price and not-so-positive reviews have kept me away from Amazon's Kindle. Are there other e-book readers that are reliable, easy to use, and not so expensive?

As my e-book collection is continuing to grow, I'm finding reading on the laptop is not always comfortable or convenient.

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Amie (amiestuart) | 2 comments I'm interested in teh Sony but I'm worried about proprietary formats. I have a Sony MP3 player and ran into just that problem (and cursed Sony seven ways to Sunday!)

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