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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 50 comments Mod






Job: (kitchen duty, gardening, guard duty, scavenging, etc.)

Remaining Family?: (if any?)


message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 713 comments Name: Wanda Ericson

Age: 19

Gender: female

Appearence: Hair- tight light blond curls, Eyes- light blue, Body- petite and curvy

Personality: kind, caring, sweet, loving, responsible, adaptable, careful

Job: kitchen duty

message 3: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Name: Kingston Smith

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Personality: strong, sometimes is selfish

History: all of family taken by souls

Job: guard/scavenging

Remaining Family?: none

message 4: by Hannah (last edited Aug 13, 2012 11:30PM) (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 713 comments Name: Karen Stevens

Age: 21

Gender: female


Personality: hard, cold, careful, observant, determined, stubborn, illogical, caring, loving, kind, understanding, intimidating

History: Her mother and father were both taken by souls and had Seekers almost kill their two children. She ran with her younger brother Seth and somehow found the human hideout.

Job: scavenger/fighter

Remaining Family?: her brother Seth

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 713 comments Name: Seth Stevens

Age: 14

Gender: male


Personality: innocent, sweet, sensitive, caring, loving, trustworthy, loyal, positive, energetic, talkative, kind

History: Basically same as Karen's.

Job: planting/tending/weeding the plants

Remaining Family?: his older sister Karen

message 6: by Giulia (last edited Aug 15, 2012 09:32PM) (new)

Giulia Name: Willa Katcher

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: [image error]

Personality: She's sweet and caring, as well as helpful and hardworking. Lovable, affectionate. She's not too physically strong but her knowledge is what has kept her alive all this time.

History: Her parents actually volunteered to be implanted. Her brother and her retaliated and left before they could be captured. She doesn't know where he is anymore and hopes to meet him again one day.

Job: Gardening

Remaining Family?: Missing brother and implanted parents.

Other: Nothing much.

message 7: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments Name: Blake Freeson

Age: 22

Gender: Male


Personality: ..Lonely. He appears to be very impassive and even grumpy, but he's just hardened and lonely. He lives very tragically and has considered ending how own life often after the alien's.

History: He was a young scientist, though they tried to give him a new soul, so he ran away.

Job: scavenging

Remaining Family?: none that he cares for


message 8: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments Name: Cammy Royals

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: She's a very confused person, unsure who she really is. She ran away from the civilization, since they tried to make her into a soul like everyone else. She's quite smart and sneaky.

History: But it was at the last minute, she was actually considering going through with the transfer. She was taught to believe that the government knew all as a child, and the aliens had become her new government. She was taken from the civilization by a human, whom had come from the rebels.

Job: Kitchen Duty

Remaining Family?: None

Other: She has a tattoo on her thigh close to her bikini line.

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message 9: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) wanna rp?

message 10: by Anj (new)

Anj (anj-neophyte) Name: Annalisse "Anna" Grey

Age: 17

Gender: Female

The picture is not good but she is, 5'7, with green eyes and silver white hair. She is slim but is capable of a fight if needed.

Personality: Shy. Loves to read. She stands out because of her hair but she managed to keep it conceal, for the most of the time.

History: She ran away when she was just 15 years old because her father died leaving her in her step-mother's care. When her stepmother first acted weird she thought it was because her father died but the truth is she is already a host for an alien. Her step-mother tried to insert one on her but she manage to injure her and run away.

Job: Kitchen Duty

Remaining Family?: None, Her family, Father and step mother are now hosts. (Jacob and Samantha Grey)


message 11: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments Name: Caine Addey

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Personality: He's roughened, just like everyone else. He's usually very quiet and stoic, but a few people can really get him to talk. Such as Seth, his sister, and Karen.

History: he ran away from the aliens as everyone else, nothing too special.

Job: Scavenging

Remaining Family?: his sister Kaylee

Other: He's got a temper a few things bring out in him.

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 713 comments i cant see the picture

message 13: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments I'll put the link, tell me if you like it or not

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) | 713 comments I can see him now! (: so hot!!!!

message 16: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) he is hot!

message 17: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments (Haha thanks)

message 18: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 400 comments Name: Lea Addey

Age: 13, almost 14

Gender: Female


Personality: She's the exact opposite of her brother, very loud. She's always happy and always wants to help. You rarely see her cry, because she refuses to let people actually see her cry. Because of her innocence, she was caught by a seeker and her brother went after her.

History: She was very confused when her brother made her run away with him. She stayed happy and made many friends with the rebels, but was caught by a seeker because of her innocence. Her brother went after her and saved her.

Job: Gardening

Remaining Family?: Her brother, Caine


message 19: by Riley (last edited Aug 23, 2012 03:21PM) (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 50 comments Mod
Name: Ashlynn "Ash" Blaise

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearence: Pale skin, dark brown hair, steel grey eyes. About 5'7

Personality: Ash is cunning and reads gestures very easily. Though she is quiet and very shy, Ash has a stong spirit and doesn't give up on anything. Ever.

History: There was nothing special about that day. There was a large family- 17 people- sitting around the table, eating dinner. And then it happened. The only thing Ash can remember is her brother rushing her out of the house and telling her to run. She hasn't seen them since.

Job: Guard

Remaining Family: none

JusAnotherGirl*~*ThisBeatUpWorld (JusAnotherGirlThisBeatUpWorld) | 1 comments Name:Lindsey Walker




Personality:Lindsey's emotions are buried deep under a shell made over her heart and soul she believes no one can break through.Deep down Lindsey is a loving carefree girl with a lightweight heart made for loving and forgiving.She buried that feeling years earlier.She used to always laugh and make jokes but has been broken and barely talks.Like a broken doll.

History:Lindsey never had the fairy tale life she always wanted.She had a messed up life that no one should ever have to deal with.Her life was something you would see in a murder movie,the exact opposite from a fairy tale.Her mother was sweet and took care of the girls.Her father was always drunk and never gave a crap about anyone.He would abuse and beat the girls.He would often even hit her mother.Her father once got in a fight with her mother and she told the girls to hide under the beds.As they did what they were told her father pulled out a gun and her mother dropped to the floor.Dead.Cold and lifeless.Her father shot himself 3 weeks later.Once Lindsey turned 13 her sister disowned her and left to live with her most recent boyfriend.Kirsten was left in a house with bloodstained carpets and no one to lean on.An orphanage found Lindsey roaming the streets and took her in.The orpahanage wasn't any better than her father.They beat and bruised.A family had adopted Lindsey for about a week until the parents got into a 'fight' and gunshots were fired.She was moved to a new family where she has lived ever since.Both parents work all day,so she barely gets to see them.

Job:A bartender at the local bar.

Remaining Family?:Older sister,Haleigh

message 21: by baekon (last edited Mar 16, 2013 02:42AM) (new)

baekon | 1 comments Name: Carrie

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearence: very first pic

Personality: She doesn't show her feelings. She is pretty cold.

History: She was going to go to the army but everything went onside down.

Job: (kitchen duty, gardening, guard duty, scavenging, etc.) Guard Duty

Remaining Family?: (if any?) None


message 22: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 19, 2013 11:33AM) (new)

Name:Melanie Fairchild




Personality:Annoyed easily and Depressed

History:Seekers found her younger brothers, older sister and parents 1 year after the Original invasion. So she went into hiding.

Job: Kitchen Duty

Remaining Family?: None

Other: nothing

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