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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Just saw Slither. It's a very well-made, well-acted B movie that uses a lot of horror movie cliches, yet makes the characters three-dimensional--even the small ones--and keeps the cliche twists rolling the whole time.

Nathan Fillion from Firefly. stars.

Jenna Fischer from "The Office" in a cameo.

A whole bunch of underused character actors having fun with not a lot of belly laughs, but big SMILES and chuckles throughout.

Space slugs. Shambling killers. Etc.

message 2: by Fredstrong (new)

Fredstrong | 36 comments The 28 Days/Weeks later movies take the cake I think. I mean Dawn of the Dead, scarred me when I was just a wee Freddy, but the 28 Days/Weeks zombies are scarier, more plausable, and the scenes are shot better in my opinion.

Of course, something must be said for Shaun of the Dead. Certainly the funniest zombie movie, and any zombie flick that works Queen, Don't Stop Me Now, into a tense zombie-battle-sequence, deserves some props.

J-Lynn Van Pelt | 15 comments Brendan,
Completely agree with your assessment of "Slither." I loved it and wish more people would check it out.

I also second Fredstrong's nomination of "Shaun of the Dead." It was so lovingly crafted by fans of the zombie genre! Simon Pegg rocks!

I won't list any of the obvious movies that everyone is going to say they love. My contribution will be "Dead and Breakfast." It is a Sci-fi channel original movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester on Supernatural). It is full of cheesy greatness. So worth adding to your netflix list.

message 4: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_beck) | 36 comments I love Slither. It's one of those movies that I'll watch on DVD when there is nothing good on. Always makes me laugh. And I know I've mentioned this before in some other post, but the DVD extras are FUNNY.

Plus, the end credits song is awesome.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, the DVD extras WERE funny. As far as I'm concerned, it's proof that despite having NO BUDGETS to work with, Lloyd Kaufman really does have a good eye for silly, campy horror.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Never saw it, but DID see and love _The Toxic Avenger IV_, which ALSO has some of the most candid, relaxed, entertaining behind-the-scenes footage I have seen in thousands of hours of DVD watching.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

In my unexecutive opinion, the remake to _Dawn of the Dead_ was unnecessary and added NOTHING to the original or danced much of a jig on its OWN, really.

message 8: by Fredstrong (new)

Fredstrong | 36 comments I could not agree more Natalie. The first was far creepier, and superior.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I also loved the way Romero took some time to capture cops and citizens and ordinary folks having some crazy, inappropriate fun in a shopping mall before the zombie s*** blew up in their faces. The original Dawn of the Dead was just more FUN.

Yeah, the zombie baby was just predictable and gross.

message 10: by Karen (new)

Karen | 3 comments Saw Fido, thought it was good for a comedy/horror. My brother is a Big Zombie fan, he has all sorts of Zombie movies, i let him borrow it cant wait to see what he thinks...

message 11: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Some great zombie flicks:

Lucio Fulci's Zombie
Night of the Creeps

Honestly, I was less than impressed with Dead & Breakfast and 28 Weeks Later.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael (fogus) Thee_ron_clark,

You liked Night of the Creeps but not 28 Weeks? Wow. :p


message 13: by Gertie (new)

Gertie (gertiebird) | 12 comments I LOVED Slither.

There is a part in a book called The Genocides that always makes me think of that HUGE woman in the barn who ate uncontrollably. Only less funny.
(Brandon... if you haven't read this one it's a good apocalyptic book.)

LMAO at this part:

> Brenda looks at dead possum longingly (hungrily) and says "Would you mind handing me a piece of that possum there at your feet? Little bit?"

message 14: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_beck) | 36 comments Have you guys seen Zombie Honeymoon? I haven't seen it mentioned yet. It comes on Showtime a lot. It's low-budget, and it actually made me laugh more than it scared me.

It only has one scene that made me shudder, but it was the sort of thing that creeped me out so effectively that I had to cover my ears and turn away.

message 15: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments I might have liked 28 Weeks Later as a stand alone film. Unfortunately, it was a sequel to an amazing film and was inferior as such.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) ok ppl:

1. I finally got to watch I Am Legend, A HELL OF A MOVIE.
2. I was curious over all the posting that i've seen on Fido here so i decided to watch it... pretty good, Carrie-Anne Moss look more attractive to my as a dysfunctional psicopath mother in this movie than as an action hero in the matrix, why? idk.
3. I also wasted an hour and half of my life watching Pulse and I strongly recommend to stay away from this piece of crap.
4. Thee_ron_clark, I'm with you the sequel sux and the first was really good.

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