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*Ridi* (SelDemiFan96) | 20 comments Who thinks tht AlySON Stoner and TAYlor Lautner would make a good couple?...They look adorable together and are great friends too!...Check out the YouTube video on Alyson's YouTube account "SIR TAYLOR LAUTNER (and me Alyson) EXCLUSIVE"...It's realli funny they seem to realli enjoy each other and like each other...What do you think of their couple name I made up? Tayson...There arent realli any other good mixes of the 2 names...But what do you think?

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ehhhhhhh...so-so I guess, they don't look that good together...50/50

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) 50/50

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Aaki Bhandari (aaki_11) | 40 comments nanana, no way!!!
no Disney sluts with Tay..

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Still 50/50, it wouldn't be good at all...

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Aaki Bhandari (aaki_11) | 40 comments nope..
i disagree...

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