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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 16 comments Does any character in the book you're reading remind you of someone you know? Describe similar characteristics, behaviors, etc.

message 2: by Tenzin Dickyi (last edited Jan 26, 2009 09:59AM) (new)

Tenzin Dickyi | 23 comments So there is this one character who ends up being the lover for the main character and he is known to be the hottest, most handsome boy at the House of Night. Eric is also known to be the nicest and smartest of them all. He reminds me of my boyfriend, he is smart, cute, and has all the feature of the character in the book.

message 3: by Gina Lamm (last edited Jan 27, 2009 04:51PM) (new)

Gina Lamm | 27 comments One of the characters reminds me of one of my friends, Ryan, because he wants to do everything his way and won't listen to my opinions.

message 4: by Jaffer (new)

Jaffer | 23 comments In my book, Alex Rider, the main character reminds me of my best friend. He is always trying to figure out solutions to problems and trying to get himself out of situations.

message 5: by Kenesha (new)

Kenesha  (niecey) | 27 comments Jenna reminds me of my friend Amber. She's very friendly, and she'll talk to us. But she also sticks to herself and doesn't explain to us what's going on when something is up. She hides her feelings from us.

Treasure McCarver | 17 comments A certain part of the book reminds me of a friendship. The main character Gideon is very close with a female who has his back through it all. It reminds me of one of my guy friends, we've been through it all and we still have each others back no matter. In the book they watch out for each other, they're both assassins and the trust between them is very strong.

message 7: by Becca (new)

Becca (rewashed) | 21 comments Connor reminds me a lot of myself. I hide my emotions well, and can be really manipulative if I have to be. He is so deeply depressed over not being able to be with the woman he loves. I understand that. I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years. I can relate to the way he's feeling - as though his emotions are being written off as lame or unimportant because he's a teenager/young adult. He's hurting so deeply that he tries to kill himself. I can relate to that as well. Though I am glad I didn't succeed and he's unhappy that he failed, I can still relate to his experience.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

No in my book reminds me of anyone I know. It's not even that the characters aren't developed or something like that. On the contrary they are incredibly in depth as to describing the personality of some people. But none of them remind me of anyone.

Tanisha  Williams | 25 comments She reminds me of my grandmother becausse she's old and she has wisdom behind everything she talks about...and my grandmother has very wise advise and she is a very honest person which reminds me of the two.

message 10: by Kate baggett (new)

Kate baggett | 18 comments yes, she reminds me of myself. We are so similar, and we act the same way. Like we are really rational and easy to get along with and we always like having fun and doing fun things.

message 11: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jacqu3s) | 21 comments My book doesn't remind me of anybody I know.

message 12: by Alfredo (new)

Alfredo Dominguez | 20 comments I'm ready a biography about denis roadman and i do not know people that remind me of him.

message 13: by Collin Starks (new)

Collin Starks | 6 comments None of the characters in the Treasure island book remind me of anyone that I know in real life.

message 14: by Amanda Salas (new)

Amanda Salas | 17 comments None of these characters remind me of some i know, i think its because they are from the country and live a totally different life style than myself, or anyone i know. Although the cat reminds me of my pet cat Sylvester. :)

message 15: by Patrick, Cueva (new)

Patrick, Cueva | 18 comments No the character in my book does not remind me of anyone I know but, he is very attached to the future soldier's that he trains and it really hurts him to see them fight and die on the battle field because it make him feel like he has failed them and that more could have been accomplished if he pushed them a little herder.

Mireya Garcia-Belman :] | 11 comments In my book "Uglies" there really isn't somebody that they remind me of anyone. The reason is because my character Tally acts a bit immature. And thankfully everyone i know doesn't have the mentality that she has. Tally has a mentality that she wants to be like everyone else. She wants to fit in with everyone and not be the odd one out.

message 17: by Anthony Jaques (new)

Anthony Jaques | 25 comments Holden Caufield reminds me of just about every teenager I know to an extent. Of every book I've read I could relate to him the best. His pessimism and resistance of growing up are identifiable traits with almost everyone.

message 18: by Brooke (new)

Brooke (brookelynn_09) | 10 comments One of the main characters named Tarique remind me of someone. He is very passive and at first let people run him over. But then he gets the strength to stand up for himself.

message 19: by Julianna Clemmer (new)

Julianna Clemmer | 17 comments Ella reminds me a little of myself she always does what she's told even thought she doesn't always want to, and allows people to walk all over because she can't stand up for herself.

message 20: by Warun (new)

Warun (supacoolzulu) | 15 comments the character in my book doesn't remained me of sny body I know and thats why I like my book . the things that has happened to her mother and her when she wasn't event born was extreme and crazy .its good to read about some body that is the complete opposite of you because it helps me understand that not everybody's life is the same as min

message 21: by Eliana Lechuga (new)

Eliana Lechuga | 20 comments Howard Dully dad's reminds me of my dad. His dad doesn't accept economical help and neither does my dad. Although there are differences between their personalities (Howard Dully father is more quiet and serious while my father is more outgoing) they both have taken second jobs to sustain their growing families.

emmanuel gonzalez  | 21 comments Not really well maybe one person Matt reminds me a a lot of people not people in my family but people who fight for what they believe and never give up. Heroes of our times people that see something wrong and fight till it has been changed.

message 23: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Jimenez (latinalover) | 17 comments Erika wrote: "Does any character in the book you're reading remind you of someone you know? Describe similar characteristics, behaviors, etc."

a girl name Britteny because she have been hurt by her dad before.

message 24: by Katelyn Baker (new)

Katelyn Baker | 18 comments My character doesn't really remind me of anyone I know, he is out for revenge in the book and at the same time he is trying to understand the world around him and improve himself.

message 25: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 16 comments One of the characters reminds me of one of my guy friends. He's hansom kind and brave but stubborn and unwilling to acknowledge whats right in front of him.

Adilene Macedo  | 27 comments Ron reminds me of my friend Kelsey Rangel because, he is goofy, funny, outgoing, impatient, always gets hurt, trustworthy; the same way my friend Kelsey Rangel is.

message 27: by connor bond (new)

connor bond | 22 comments In my book many characters act very similarly to people in real life. This book is based on experiences and people in high school so the book obviously has has jerks, nerds, jocks, and idiots just like every real high school does. So while the characters in my book don't remind me directly of one person, they do however remind me of the people in high school as a whole.

message 28: by Daniel Arroyo (new)

Daniel Arroyo | 27 comments The main character bella reminds me of my old friend Tiffany I don't know her last name, she was a new kid just like bella. She is quiet and shy also like the main character, and how she is very mysterious just like the main character and how she fell in love with a certain person just like bella in twilight.

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