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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 18 comments Does any character in the book you're reading remind you of someone you know? Describe similar characteristics, behaviors, etc.

message 2: by Kiley Douyon (new)

Kiley Douyon (kdouyon09) | 23 comments I can say that to a certain extent that I myself can relate to the main character, Roylin B. I say this because he didn't like his dad, and i don't like my step-dad. At one point and time I used to feel like I was underneath all my peers and that i was good for nothing. Roylin feels like that in the book. As if he is not worthy. I mean in the book he was a troubled teen, who was bothered by many things and had a lot of obstacles to overcome in his life. And that basically describes me. My situation and condition was in a better state than my character, but I still experienced life along the same lines as Roylin.

message 3: by GilbertGarza (new)

GilbertGarza (grok04) | 15 comments No, none of the characters in my book remind me of anybody I know. The people and main character in my book are more like in their own world.

message 4: by Cindy Jaimes (new)

Cindy Jaimes | 16 comments None of the characters remind me of anyone I know. But I would love to meet someone like any of the Watchmen, especially Rorschach. He's so unique and interesting. He never ceases to surprise you.

message 5: by Betsy Miranda (last edited Jan 27, 2009 02:10PM) (new)

Betsy Miranda | 22 comments Yes, a little bit with the main character, of O'brien due to the fact that he's surrounded by a stressful and "melancholy" life, he seems to remind me somewhat of my older sister. They both have gone through hardships, and are striving to be better.

message 6: by Lizbeth (new)

Lizbeth  (lizbethvillanueva) | 23 comments Yes, my sister because she likes to take control of everything.

Kassandra Ramirez (kassandraramirez) | 17 comments yes zoey reminds me of myself because
she does not fit in with her family and she is always the out cast

message 8: by Marcus Wimbley (new)

Marcus Wimbley | 27 comments yes, the main character reminds me of myself because he was always persistent, got the job done, and even when people thanked him, he felt like he didn't deserve it.

message 9: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments Charlie reminds me of my cousins due to the fact that he is so innocent and possesses a kind heart.

♪♫3rik  ♪♫ | 24 comments yes the character of my book reminds me when i was in Mexico chilling all day out with my friends and always looking for trouble and having fun

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments the books main character is the world. the book reminds me of nature and what we need to do to help it so we have it for our benefit.

message 12: by Manuel Maldonado (new)

Manuel Maldonado | 25 comments The main character in my book doesn't remind me of anybody I know.The main Character is more the clumsy kid who is trying to find a slot on the team.

message 13: by Casey espinoza (new)

Casey espinoza | 11 comments The main character in my book reminds me of one my friends from Travis heights, in 1999. Her name was Marisa she was abuse as a child and scared to tell anyone. In middle school it just got worst, i moved schools and never knew what happen to her, or how she is doing. There is times i think about her, wonder if she is still alive or how things going for her in life.

message 14: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments Not really because the main character is a coward and his best friend is very obedient. I don't think you can find very many people like that nowadays.

message 15: by Katie Ridgway (new)

Katie Ridgway | 21 comments The main person in my book reminds me of myself. We are both kind of lazy and don't know what we really want to do.

message 16: by Jean Doan (new)

Jean Doan  | 22 comments the main person in my book reminds me of this kid i use to know named kevin he used to get picked on all the time, one day he stood up to those bully's! and they stoped missing with him

message 17: by Robert (new)

Robert Vasquez | 17 comments the main person in my book fallen, there not really a person i know that has the same situation as him because he has got his brother killed and he is trying to do whatever he can to get revenge.

message 18: by Mariela Munoz (new)

Mariela Munoz | 23 comments yes jessica reminds me off my cousin that she lives in houston and it happend in houston to well this book reminds me off her because my cousin had an adventure like what jessica is having that thier is two guys after her and she does not know what to do she likes both and her sister is pressuring her to much that she is all depress.

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments Kelly one of the twins that was kidnapped who has now been returned to her parents and senses that her sister is still alive. Reminds me a bit like myself because she is very alert and pays attention to detail especially when it comes to her sister. I am the same way over protective and always making sure that my sisters are fine.

message 20: by Lukudu.paul. (new)

Lukudu.paul. (lukudupaul) | 9 comments No one remind of my self in this book but is good story by antwone quenton fisher.

message 21: by Terron Ross (new)

Terron Ross | 16 comments Not really at this point everyone is to mean or to nice.
But One characteristic i shared with braidly was lying as a kid all i did was lie.

message 22: by Ashleigh trent (new)

Ashleigh trent | 23 comments No my character at this point seems to be pretty non-discript. She does not remind me of anyone that I personally know.

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