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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 24 comments Does any character in the book you're reading remind you of someone you know? Describe similar characteristics, behaviors, etc.

message 2: by Bianca Jackson (new)

Bianca Jackson | 18 comments my book doesn't really have characters. its a poem but i can relate to some of the feelings that are expressed in the poems.

message 3: by aaron morales (new)

aaron morales (what-it-dew) | 25 comments A person in my book that strongly reminds me of someone i know is Bella, she reminds me of my girlfriend. the way her emotions are in the book are similar to my girlfriends, almost identical.

message 4: by Jordan Stewart (new)

Jordan Stewart | 16 comments The character Ron in my book reminds me of my cousin. They both are kind of shy, goofy, and clumsy.

Konockus Sashington | 6 comments Uri, the leader of the street gang, reminds me of my cousin. They're both quick to call somebody they don't know yet names and joke about it. Because of their reputation, I believe that they're both like that, but they're both still cool enough to help out someone in need or show them the ropes.

message 6: by Kyle Zrostlik (new)

Kyle Zrostlik | 13 comments The book I'm reading is a book full of short stories, but there is one in particular that reminds me of my mom. This lady puts salt in her coffee and it's unusual. My mom puts salt in her coffee and I never understood why.

message 7: by Carlos Mora (new)

Carlos Mora  Mora (CarlosMora) | 15 comments No not really, no one in my book reminds me of anybody except myself. Like Tony, he know what he wants and he knows where to go and so do I. He is shy sometimes but than loud and outspoken at other times, and so am i.

Sabrina Leal- Diaz | 18 comments In my book, the main characters is very different. There are things he does, likes, that nobody I know has/will ever do. He only likes prime numbers. He autistic and does things that are very weird. Oh, and he carries around pebbles of food for he pet rat, which is at home. No body I know does that. My character is weird, but intelligent at the same time.

Deanna McCubbins | 16 comments Yes my book does kind of remind me of someone that I know. My best friend she always speaks her mind and does what she wants to do. Like the main character because the main character always speaks her mind.

message 10: by David Miller (new)

David Miller | 10 comments Yes, it reminds me of my mother because she is just like alex cross.. they both work all of the time.

message 11: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments The main character of my book Patrick Lanigan reminds me of my little brother in a way. This is because my 10 year old brother is very manipulative and tries to get away with things but in the end he always gets caught by my father. Those lil' rascals.

Cornelio Treminio | 14 comments I cant really relate to this book (Impulse), i haven't met anyone that has the same lifestyle these characters have.

message 13: by Armando Navarro (new)

Armando Navarro | 21 comments in the book that I've read the main character shade is very similar to me, because the way that he learns many things as he lives and goes from ignorant to knowledge it self.

message 14: by Abraham Carrillo (new)

Abraham Carrillo | 14 comments In the Golden Compass I am reading there isn't really a character in my book that really reminds me off someone. There is this one character that kinda reminds me of my sister. She reminds me off my sister because their both very courage's and also very sneaky.

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