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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments 1. Promises Kept by Charles DeLint
2. City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
3. The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake
4. Things Hoped For by Andrew Clements
5. Things That Are by Andrew Clements
6. Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley
7. Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
8. Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan
9. Alcatraz verses the Scrivener's Bones by Brandon Sanderson
10. Children of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau
11. Backup by Jim Butcher
12. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Larsson
13. The Wire by Hobbs
14. Sahara by Cussler
15. Fool by Moore
16. Poison Study by Snyder (Reread)
17. Magic Study by Snyder (Reread)
18. Fire Study by Snyder (Reread)
19. Storm Glass by Snyder
20. Untamed by Cast
21. Hunted by Cast
22. Tam Lin by Dean
23. Through My Eyes by Bridges
24. The Memory Prisonery by Bloor
25. Crockett's Victory Garden by Crockett
26. The Adventures of Vin Fiz by Cussler
27. Spindle's End by McKinley
28. Golden Apples of the Sun by Bradbury (Reread)
29. White as Snow by Lee
30. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Maguire (Reread)
31. Green Gardener's Guide by Lamp'l
32. If Only It Were True by Levy
33. Coffee, Tea, or Me by Baker & Jones
34. Iceberg by Cussler
35. Tantalizing Tomatoes pub by Brooklyn Botanic Garden
36. Hummingbirds of the American West by Kaufman
37. The $64 Tomato by Alexander
38. 1000 Garden Ideas by Cliff
39. The Door in the Hedge by McKinley
40. Kate Crackernuts by Briggs
41. Fragile Eternity by Marr
42. Go Green, Live Rich by Bach
43. City of Glass by Clare
44. Betrayed by Cast (reread)
45. The Dark is Rising by Cooper (Reread)
46. Greenwich by Cooper (Reread)
47. Cook's Illustrated 2008 ed. by Kimball
48. I am Spock by Nimoy
49. The Grey King by Cooper (Reread)
50. Silver on the Tree by Cooper (Reread)
51. The 12-Month Gardener by Ashton
52. Time Out of Joint by Dick
53. Finder by Bull (reread)
54. Bloodsucking Fiends by Moore (reread)
55. The Wall at the Edge of the World by Aikin
56. Escape to Witch Mountain by Keys (reread - sorta)
57. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (rerereread)
58. So Hard to Say by Sanchez
59. Blood Orange Brewing by Childs (Reread)
60. Unexpect Mrs. Pollifax by Gilman (Reread)
61. Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station by Gilman (Reread)
62. Elusive Mrs. Pollifax by Gilman (Reread)
63. Palm for Mrs. Pollifax (Reread)
64. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning by Findley & Formichelli
65. Totally Joe by Howe
66. Rainbow Boys by by Sanchez
67. The End of Overeating by Kessler
68. The Girl who Played with Fire by Larsson
69. Penelope adapted by Kaye
70. The Traveler by Simkin
71. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Kingsolver
72. Crazy Hair by Gaiman
73. Hell to Pay by Greene
74. The Plot to Save the Planet by Dumaine
75. Halfway to Heaven by Obmascik
76. Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez
77. Extra Credit by Clements
78. Empire of Tea by MacFarlane
79. Palace of Mirrors by Haddix
80. Alibi Junior High by Logsted
81. Dealing With Dragons by Wrede (reread)
82. Talking to Dragons by Wrede (reread)
83. Calling on Dragons by Wrede (reread)
84. Seaglass by Snyder
85. The Slitheen Excursion by Guerrier
86. Howl's Moving Castle by Jones (reread)
87. The Coming of the Quantum Cats by Pohl (reread)
88. Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories: 15 1953
89. Alcatraz Verses the Knights of Crystallia
90. Ratio by Ruhlman
91. The Mystery of Grace by DeLint
92. Here's the Story by McCormick
93. The Soul of a Chef by Ruhlman
94. Atlas Shrugged by Rand (reread)
95. Heirloom by Stark
96. Hunger Games by Collins
97. Just Ella by Haddix
98. Odd and the Frost Giants
99. Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish by Gillman(reread)
100. Long After Midnight by Bradbury

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments One of the best things about this challenge is all the people who have chosen to read. There are so many things in our lives we could be doing, yet, here we celebrate the book.

I was asked to write the exact same essay question in the course of my studies; first when I was getting a Minor in Library Science and nearly 15 years later when I was studying for my Masters of Library Science: Will the book as we know it go away? Both times, I answered a resolute NO. Goodreads and 100+ Book Challenge only back my point. Kudos to everyone who chooses reading.

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Meghan (mdeaver) | 109 comments Tracy wrote: "One of the best things about this challenge is all the people who have chosen to read. There are so many things in our lives we could be doing, yet, here we celebrate the book.

I was asked to writ..."

I completely agree with you, Tracy! It's refreshing to see that there are many people who share my belief that there is no substitute for reading an actual book instead of using an electronic device. There's nothing quite like the feeling of the spine opening, the pages turning and the satisfaction of shutting a good book once you've finished.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Yay! 1/5 of the way through. Plus, I read Professional Journals and a multitude of E books.

Feel free to browse through my Storytime list for inspiration for reading to little ones.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Recently visited Cannery Row in California. Never was interested in reading it until now. The book is outstanding with Steinbeck's voice and detail to character and location. Read the book, walk down the Cannery Row, and don't forget to visit the Aquarium. It's an wonderful destination.
Cannery Row (Centennial Edition) by John Steinbeck

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments #22 Tam Lin is part of the Fairy Tale Series created by Terri Windling. I highly recommend this collection of books using timeless tales in new settings or viewpoints.

Be sure to read the introduction, which most people (myself include) skip. Windling provides so much insight into knowledge we consider tacit.

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments #23. This afternoon, I was reviewing biographies and came across Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges. The Ruby Bridges.

Although this is a children's biography, the material is equally compelling for adults. It takes courage and determination to change the world. It is a lot for a child who is just doing what her Mom told her to do. The people, so full hate and ugliness, and their death threats to this little girl made my eyes brim with tears.

This is one book I cannot recommend enough. Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Did you know Clive Cussler wrote a children's book? This fun book is a fast read and a slice of America, nestled in a gentle adventure.

The Adventures of Vin Fizz by Clive Cussler

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Golden Apples of the Sun includes the classic short stories in "R is for Rocket". Neil Gaiman complimented Bradbury by writing "M is for Magic". According to book lore, Gaiman cleared this with Bradbury in which Bradbury gave his blessing.

Have seen both Gaiman & Bradbury at Comic Con. While Gaiman is incredibly cool, Ray Bradbury is awe-inspiring. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have heard them speak.

The Golden Apples of the Sun by Ray Bradbury

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Read If Only It Were True, strongly recommended by my coworker. Heard the film, Just Like Heaven is quite different. Will see which I enjoy more.
If Only It Were True by Marc Lévy

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Unabashedly, I have become a gardener. Growing up, I had the Thumb of Death. All plants died under my ministrations. After many 7 years, my thumb has grown green.

My husband and I have notably taken to our tomato plants and have waged war against the local birds who have believed they have more right to eat our fruits than us. Henceforth, we've taken draconian steps to prevent this.

When I saw the $64 Tomato, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. After reading it, I was not disappointed. William Alexander, I understand completely.

The $64 Tomato How One Man Nearly Lost His Sanity, Spent a Fortune, and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden by William Alexander

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Fragile Eternity takes a bit to get into but once the story goes, there's a greater insight to Seth, one of my favorite characters in the original Wicked Lovely.

[image error]

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments What can I say, I'm cheering for Simon!

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, #1) by Cassandra Clare City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments, #2) by Cassandra Clare City of Glass (Mortal Instruments, #3) by Cassandra Clare

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments The Dark is Rising series is one of my favorite rereads of all time! Timeless story of good verses evil. Don't let the film fool you - the books are outstanding.

The Dark Is Rising Sequence (Books 1-5) by Susan Cooper

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments My 47th title is a serial. Is this a real book? It's informational, useful, and bound. By my definition, it's a book. After making several recipes, it was certainly worth reading!

Sherlock Holmes and the Three Musketeers began their lives as serials as did works of Dickens.

Next book, Cook's Illustrated 2008!

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Borderland - it's a great universe conceived by Terri Windling. Even better is that she invited other fantastic authors to create inhabitants to live there. If you're not a fan, I strongly suggest you begin with Borderland. It's out of print but well worth haunting used bookstores until you find a copy. From there, Bordertown & Life On the Border.

Borderland #1 (Borderland Series) by Terri Windling
Bordertown Where Magic Meets Rock & Roll by Terri Windling

Great trilogy of short stories. Now, here's where the real magic steps in. Windling's characters want more. They turn to their creators and from them, we get the duo of Elsewhere & Never Never by Will Shetterly.

Elsewhere by Will Shetterly

Nevernever by Will Shetterly

Is it enough? No! Shetterly's wife, Emma Bull also adds to the Bordertown universe with many of the same characters in Shetterly's books with Finder.

Finder by Emma Bull

With a world of Bordertown where magic meets rock & roll, the quest to find this place is well worth the effort if you know where to look and luck is on your side.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Christopher Moore is one of my favorite off-beat authors. If you ever have an opportunity to hear him speak, it is worth the effort. Case in point, my husband & I traveled to California when we learned our local bookstore would not be hosting him. We drove to San Francisco -a first for me- and down the coast to Capitola. Even Moore was impressed that we had driven so far to see him.

Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Although I have read BSF several times in the past, this is the first time I have read it since I have visited San Francisco. I kept realizing I had been to the places Moore had mentioned. It's a great way to rekindle the magic of a book, walk where the characters have gone before.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments In my list, I've notated rereads and original reads (by omission). I'm one of those people who enjoy reading the same book multiple times; in such the same way as I enjoy spending time with an old friend. It's not for everyone. There are people who read a book and go onto the next. With our busy schedules, it's certainly understandable. Keeps my library valuable if people are willing to share and extend patience to their single reads.

Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key

I saw Escape to Witch Mountain on the bookshelves the other day. I remember enjoying the movie as well as remembering reading the book. I didn't remember the plotline per se, just that I remember liking it. There's where the 'sorta' comes in. The book was a fun, fast read which I can definately recommend, then and now. Who knows, maybe today's child will enjoy it and remember not only the book, but the enjoyment of youth.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Rarely do I go to the movies. In the case of Harry Potter, I make an exception. In anticipation, I'm rereading - rather, rererereading it. This story never gets old for me! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6) by J.K. Rowling

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman is indeed a picture book. [image error]
This book is the representative of all the many E books I read on a weekly basis. I "interview" each and every book I read for my storytimes. I even read them for fun. Crazy Hair is one of many excellent books overlooked by older readers, based merely upon the label. Stop by your Library & pick up a few E gems - after all, E does not stand for easy, it stands for Everyone.

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Nine months of books - just 15 more to read!

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Just one more book!

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments Long After Midnight, I completed my 100 books with over a month to spare.

Time to begin my victory lap of books before 2010!

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments November
101. Deamons are Forever by Green
102. The Spy who Haunted My by Green
103. Identical by Hopkins
104. Summer Knight by Butcher (reread)

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Tracy (TeaLibrarian) | 27 comments December
Making of a Chef by Ruhlman

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