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The corridor was long, and I was cold even as I walked down between the oak fires. Even their warmth could not begin to combat the frigid temperatures. Perhaps the people of this world were used to it, growing up and dying here. As if the planet had affected their evolution, to form some kind of immunity. But, unlike them, I was not born here. I was still chattering from a two minute walk outside. I was born on a desolate, barren world, filled with heat and nausea. The only thing that kept me from dying here was those oak fires which slowly thawed the icicles from my hair, the mucus in my nostrils, and the saliva soon to dribble down my chin. But that’s beside the point. I was here for one reason. I was The Best of the Best. I was a Cadian officer. That was the reputation of the Cadian guard. But it wasn’t true for us all. I was just an average fellow, who got the luck of the Cadian draw to go off-world. It’s a frightening thing really. You never know what you were going to face. And I was not The Best of the Best.

I had a couple friends back then, but they were more like war buddies. We met each other in the service, and never met again after. Of course, if we did, I may not have remembered. And they would be dead. But we were somewhat close; we would eat and sleep together at least. And today I sat with Jeevus, one from another regiment. His and ours were here, on an evacuated planet, to “Hunt out and Eliminate any sign of the Chaos Threat.” Some smart man labeled those simple instructions HECT. So that’s what we were here for. HECTing. But he and I got to see each other occasionally, when the nights were cold and we weren’t on watch. So a friendship grew between us, one that was rare within regiments. But they had become more common as we were together caught in a trench line with the blasted cultists. Where are the space marines when you need them? They weren’t with us, I’ll tell you that much. “Oi! Frifter! What ‘ave you been up to skippin’ by our lunch date like ya’ did?

“Sorry Jeevus, after a raid last night they had to post more guards on the midnight shift. I was selected to be one of them. I had to catch up on my sleep.”

“Ah well too bad for you…here ‘ave a drink or two.”

Surprisingly, the bottle was heavy and felt near full when I picked it up. “Hey Jeevus? Are you trying to quit or something?”

“Nah…I’ve broken into the good Amasec this time,” he answered.

“What for?”

He paused before he answered, and then leaned close so that only I could hear. “Well ya’ see…I been over’earin’ the cap’n talking to ‘is first officers. It seems like sometime within the month we gonna’ pull out. The almighty Space Marines are coming. We’re gonna’ be saved by The Salamanders!”

And I said to my old friend, “Buddy? Poor me some of that good stuff.”

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