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Angela I am wanting to add my books that I have on Kindle here on Goodreads, and I n need some help in doing that can anyone tell me how to do that?

Thank you


Nicholas May Generally when it asks for the ISBN number, it gives you an option for an ASIN number, which you mostly likely have instead. I have a book and a short story on here that are both marketed for the kindle, and that was how I was able to market them here. Good luck!

Angela What is an ASIN number?

Angela wally wrote: "well...i believe you simply look for the book you'd like to add...up there at the top? type in title, search, look for your edition. quite often, there is a "kindle" edition option among the (usu..."

Thank you very much, I was able to locate that one.

Nicholas May Angela wrote: "What is an ASIN number?"

When you self publish on the Kindle, Amazon assigns you an ASIN number, which basically takes the place of an ISBN number. It works the same for Goodreads to locate the book searching for that number. You just have to specify whether it is searching for an ISBN or an ASIN.

Angela Thank you very much Nicholas

Nicholas May Angela wrote: "Thank you very much Nicholas"

My pleasure, good luck!

Camille Really glad Ii have fou d this thread. I have the Kindle app for my iPad. Is there any way to delete books that I no longer want to keep? I have looked and looked but cannot find an edit button.

Angela Go to manage your account and should be able to delet there.

Camille Thank you very much. I really needed to get my contents under control.

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