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message 1: by === (new)

=== I Hate Twlight.

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria (mriakhn) i hate twilight. thank you for bringing this up. it was soo boring!

message 3: by === (new)

=== haha!
I gt soooooooooooooo bord wth it!

message 4: by Maria (new)

Maria (mriakhn) finally someone else

message 5: by === (new)

=== :)

message 6: by Maria (new)

Maria (mriakhn) i don't get how everyone likes it so much

message 7: by xXRossiya AruXx, And here the daisies guard you from every harm. (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:46AM) (new)

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 353 comments Mod
u didn't even read it keeah.

yeah, i don't care for twilight too much. i prefer new moon+ those had more action. except bd...

message 8: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay I hate Twilight too!

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