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=== See important read first before rping

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=== ((SEE IMPORTANT MUS READ 1ST!!!!!! Im going 2 delete ure comments cause this is 4 rp ONLY! if u hav 2 make a comment please put in pren, nothing personal!))

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=== poolstar called a clan meeting.

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather walked along side Hazelthorn one of her closest friends. " I wonder what Poolstar called the meeting for?" Hazelthorn asked Foxfeather as they sat down in the grass to listen. " I don't know but we will find out if we listen. Now be quite!!" Foxfeather said to Hazelthorn just as Poolstar walked onto Highledge.

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=== ((If u want u cn actualy mak a cat called that, or i could be hazlethorn!))

"I am going to announce the cats going to the gathering tommoro night;

bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla bla

we leave at moon hight tommorow so have a good night!" Poolstar finished

(Sorry! we dnty hav that many cats yet!)

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Hubear | 47 comments (its fine i thought super fast if you want....or i can get ceicly to be hazelthorn??)
"Yes! Hazelthorn we are going to the gathering tomarrow!" Foxfeather told Hazelthorn. "Yes, I know I was right here." Hazelthorn said

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=== ((HA HA! thats funny!))

"Dismised." Poolstar yowled.

((bla bla, days activity, bla bla, lets jus skip 2 the gathering))

*The next day*

Poolstar gathered everyone 4 the gathering, and they were off.

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Sweettooth walked beside her brother Peppernose and Poolstar.

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=== "Do you think we can only tell them at the gathering?
I mean, we haven't even told the our clan." Poolstar worried.

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather watched the leaves fall as she walked along with the rest of the group. Leafbare is coming soon, she thought, I wonder how our clan will do this year. Then she accidentally ran into another cat. "Oops sorry I didn't mean to-" Foxfeather stopped there because she realized that the cat she bumped into was Peppernose. "Its fine, don't worry about it Foxfeather." he said as he looked into her eyes then turned around. "Oh..Don't worry about it Foxfeather...Oh!! Peppernose likes you, Peppernose likes you!" Hazelthorn started chanting once all the other cats had gone off. "Oh stop that Hazelthorn!! He could say that to any other cat! Now Hurry up or Poolstar won't let us go next gathering!" with that Foxfeather ran into the forest to catch up with the other cats. "Sure, whatever." said Hazelthorn rolling her eyes then ran off to catch up to Foxfeather.

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=== ((wow hw long did it take u to type THAT???))

Poolstar lead the clan to the lake, towards the gathering.

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Hubear | 47 comments (( not long I type fast))
Foxfeather looked over the lake to see the moon shine down on it makeing the water shimmer. A warm breeze was blowing and Foxfeather let it ruffle her fur. She closed her eyes and enjoying it until it died down. She looked around and saw that Peppernose was looking at her. She quickly looked down in embarrassment. Did he look at me the entire time, Foxfeather thought, boy is that embarrassing. Foxfeather ran ahead to catch up to the group.

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=== ((cool, i type slow ,haha!!! The space station passed over my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

After what seemed like moons, they reached the gatering.

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Hubear | 47 comments ((COolio!))
Foxfeather decided to sit next to a tree whose branches almost touched the ground. It was her favorite spot to sit down. She met with a few cats and talked to some of the new warriors. Then Hazelthorn eventually made her way around and sat next to Foxfeather whispering " Peppernose is looking at you from the tree." Foxfeather looked up and met Peppernose's gaze and she smiled at him. He smiled then looked at the center to focus on the gathering.

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=== Then Poolstar started the meeting.

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Peppernose purred glad that Foxfeather had noticed him.

"Why aer you so happy" Sweettooth asked following his gaze to Foxfeahter.

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=== Poolstar steped up fist.
"The FireClan has big news to tell everybody,"
Poolstar said, "There is no more prey in the FireClan, we have been going far away just to get prey from the outskirts of our borders, we kneed to leave the Lake."

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather was shocked to hear that they needed to leave the lake. Of course prey was low but..where else could they go? The lake has been there home for centurys....and all the elders told the kits about the story of the Great Migration but...that place was suppose to be destroyed by Twolegs.

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Peppernose hissed "Why it isd rather close to leafbare".

Sweettooth looked up "But look if Starclan didn't weant this to happen wouldn't they have covered the moon".

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Hubear | 47 comments A voice yelled out " Did we get a sign from StarClan?" A roar of meows followed and it was Foxfeather who said "If they are angry with us we would see it now, maybe the Poolstar is right. What about in the other clans have you had any trouble?"

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Peppernose was worried "If we are already weak how are we going to survive a long journey"?

"Just be patient" Sweettooth purred then added "What about foxfeather".

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=== Poolstar paused.
"..." she tried to sepeak, but nothing came out.

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Hubear | 47 comments Somethings wrong with Poolstar Foxfeather thought, what is going to happen to the clan? She looked around and noticed that the other leaders had a worried look on there faces. hm....she thought. Then she felt something behind her. she looked back and saw a tail lurking into the shadows.

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=== Then a sound echoed from the bushes.

Poolstar jumped.
Then a bager came from the bushes, and attaced the nearest cat!

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather dodged the attack but Hazelthorn wasn't as lucky. Hazelthorn yelped in surprised as the badger attacked with fury on Hazelthorn's back. Foxfeather couldn't watch her best friend get hurt so she lept at the badger and clawed it off of Hazelthorn. It was a one on one match Foxfeather against the Badger when all of a sudden another badger came out of nowhere and attacked Foxfeather. Now both badgers were on Foxfeather and she was attacking with fury. Soon another cat jumped in and grabbed one of the nearest badgers growled at it and it took off as well as the other. Foxfeather wanted to thank her savior but never got the chance because she fainted right before she said anything.

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Peppernose and some of his warriors chased the badgers off. eh ran to Foxfeather "Are you okay" he licked her ear.

Sweettooth bent down to look at her wounds. "they are not very bad but will take a while to heal." she stated.

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather woke up to find herself in a cloud. "Where am i?" she asked. "In the skys of starclan." A voice from behind her answered. Foxfeather turned towards the voice and saw a cat sitting there. "Am i dead then?" she asked. "no, u still have a long time before you join us." the cat chuckled. "who are you?" Foxfeather asked. "I am Lionstar, former leader of FireClan b efore Poolstar took over, probably before u were born." the cat answered. "I brought u here to tell you something and i trust u more than anyone else." he continued. "Yes FireClan is in grave danger as well as the other clans. The Twolegs are going to come back and take over the lake. You must go and tell this to Sweettooth and hurry." With that the cat vanished and Foxfeather found herself looking at another cat. It took her a while before she realized it was Peppernose.

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=== Poolstar, finaly awoken from her gaze, jumped down to see if anyone was hurt.
The bagers ran off, with a couple warriors behind them.

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Peppernose saw foxfeather open her eyes "are you okay" he asked.

Sweettooth noticed she had a starry look in her eyes. "did you see starclan" she asked.

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=== Poolstar walked over to where Foxfeather had fallen.
"Are you OK?" She asked, also noticing the strange look in Foxfeathers eyes.

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Hubear | 47 comments "yes i am fine....but need to talk to you and Sweetooth now....I have seen Starclan." Foxfeather whispered. SHe slowly started to get up but pain shot through her body and she fell back down.

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=== Poolstar immeditly ran over.
"Not here, wait till we get back."
Poolstar then helped lift Foxfeather up.

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Sweettooth told Peppernose to go away. "yes" she asked.

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather agreed that this was not the place to say it. She waited as she got carried back to the clan into the medicine den and laid down on a mat.

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Sweettooth made sure Foxfeather was comfortable then sat down to listen.

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Lightening  | 15 comments Mod
((?????? *scrolls up* OHHHHHHHHHHHHH i get nw))

*bck at camp*

Leaffall was angry, she didn't get to go to the gathering.
She walked over to her brother, Sharpeyes.
"Why did WE have to be left behind?" She asked "Well miss SOMETHING, and we-"
She was caught off by the sound of the clan approaching.
Sharpeyes looked worried, "there back early..."
"I KNEW IT!" She yowled as he ran over to greet them, Leaffall in presuit, "We MISSED something AGAIN!"

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=== Poolstar greated the clan, and immeditly called a clan meeting.

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Lightening  | 15 comments Mod
"Wonder what its all about?" Leaffall asked Sharpeyes.

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Peppernose helped settle Foxfeather then padded out to listen to Poolstar.

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=== Poolstar reviled what took place at the gathering.
Also telling them how the clan is running out of food...

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Lightening  | 15 comments Mod
Leaffall looked around, in deep thought.

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Lightening  | 15 comments Mod
((iz anyone ON???????????))

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=== ((i am!))

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Hubear | 47 comments Foxfeather strained to hear what Poolstar was saying...she hate being lefted out. Then she heard quiet and then paw steps coming into the den. She turned around to see Poolstar standing there.

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=== "Are you OK?" Poolstar asked again.

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Hubear | 47 comments "Yes I am fine now." Foxfeather said. Where exactly should I start my story from?"

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=== "The begining." She said.

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Hubear | 47 comments "Okay then." FOxfeather said turning to see that Sweettooth was listening. She told her story about meeting Lionstar and what he told her to say. When she got done Foxfeather waited to see what Poolstar or Sweettooth would say.

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=== Poolstar looked surprized.
"If twolegs are comming... does that mean we should move AGAIN?"

*Many moons ago, Firestar romed these forests... one day he disaapered. And his great great grandchild still stands here today... Poolstar, she is Firestars last kin...*

Many cats know the story by heart... althoe no one rembers the migration, they still hear storys...

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Sweetooth thought for a second "If they are coming we have to leave but we first have to convince the other clans.".

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