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message 1: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) Another one I can't remember the author or titles of the books. Cheerleader series (also like Sweet Valley High). I remember the one main girl had a crush on a guy who was trashman & she was embarassed by him because she was a popular cheerleader.

I hate it when I can't remember these titles.

message 2: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (wanna_read_all_the_books) I think this is the Cheerleader series by Caroline B. Cooney and other authors but I'm not sure. The first book was called Trying Out. I found them on Amazon.

message 3: by Zing (new)

Zing (jeniferholly) | 23 comments The Cheerleader series by Cooney was YA horror, and, if I remember correctly, had something to do with a vampire. I read so much Cooney as a kid...

Go here for the Good Reads listing

message 4: by Cathy (new)

Cathy The Cheerleader by Ruth Doan MacDougall?? I didn't see the first post looking for a book on cheerleaders. This book was published in 1973, so it is older. It has several sequels but I don't know the names, well the next one was called "Snowy" but anyway. Any help?

message 5: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (wanna_read_all_the_books) The Cheerleader series by RL Stine was YA horror and had to do with a vampire, not the Cooney series.

message 6: by Summer (new)

Summer | 41 comments You have to scroll down a bit, but many titles are listed here:

message 7: by Zing (last edited Dec 21, 2007 07:57AM) (new)

Zing (jeniferholly) | 23 comments Cindy -

I'm sorry, but that is not correct. It was the Cooney books that had to do with the Vampire.

From a reader review on Amazon.com:

"This book is about Althea. She lives in a house that people say is haunted. It is, there is a vampire living in the dark tower of her house. She makes a deal with him that if she brings him people then he will make her popular."

There are many more reader reviews and summaries on the Amazon page for this book, if you would like to take a look - http://www.amazon.com/Cheerleader-Point-Thriller-Caroline-Cooney/dp/059044316X

message 8: by Summer (last edited Dec 21, 2007 08:17AM) (new)

Summer | 41 comments You both are correct! (At least partially...)

The Cheerleader is a Y/A thriller published in 1996. There was also a series similar to Sweet Valley High called Cheerleaders. The first book, Trying Out, was published in 1986. Both were written by Caroline B. Cooney.

I think 1980s series is the one being searched for in this thread.

message 9: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) no, this wasn't the series I was looking for. they weren't about vampires. It was sort of like Sweet Valley High in their innocence. I just can't remember the names.

message 10: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) Summer - thanks for the link. It's here that I found the books I was looking for:
Various authors
Scholastic (PB)
1. Trying Out (Caroline B. Cooney) 1985
2. Getting Even (Christopher Pike) 1985
3. *Rumors (Caroline B. Cooney) 1985
4. *Feuding (Lisa Norby) 1985
5. *All the Way (Caroline B. Cooney) 1985
6. Splitting (Jennifer Sarasin) 1985
7. Flirting (Diane Hoh) 1985
8. Forgetting (Lisa Norby) 1985
9. Playing Games (Jody Sorenson) 1985
10. Betrayed (Diane Hoh) 1985
11. Cheating (Jennifer Sarasin) 1985
12. *Staying Together (Diane Hoh) 1985
13. Hurting (Lisa Norby) 1986
14. *Living It Up (Jennifer Sarasin) 1986
15. Waiting (Jody Sorenson) 1986
16. In Love (Carol Stanley) 1986
17. Taking Risks (Anne Reynolds) 1986
18. Looking Good (Carol Ellis) 1986
19. Making It (Susan Blake) 1986
20. Starting Over (Patricia Aks and Lisa Norby) 1986
21. Pulling Together (Diane Hoh) 1986
22. Rivals (Anne Steinke) 1986
23. Proving It (Diane Hoh) 1986
24. Going Strong (Carol Ellis) 1986
25. Stealing Secrets (Anne Steinke) 1987
26. Taking Over (Judith Sachs) 1987
27. Spring Fever (Diane Hoh) 1987
28. Scheming (Lisa Norby) 1987
29. Falling in Love (Anne Steinke) 1987
30. Saying Yes (Caroline B. Cooney) 1987
31. Showing Off (Carol Ellis) 1987
32. Together Again (Jennifer Sarasin) 1987
33. Saying No (Anne Steinke) 1987
34. Coming Back (Lisa Norby) 1987
35. Moving Up (Leslie Davis) 1987
36. Changing Loves (Judith Weber) 1987
37. Acting Up (Judith Sachs) 1987
38. Talking Back (Lisa Norby) 1988
39. All or Nothing (Leslie Davis) 1988
40. Getting Serious (Jennifer Sarasin) 1988
41. Having It All (Anne Steinke) 1988
42. Fighting Back (Carol Ellis) 1988
43. Telling Lies (Lisa Norby) 1988
44. Pretending (Leslie Davis) 1988
45. Here To Stay (Jennifer Sarasin) 1988
46. Overboard! (Vivian Schurfranz) 1988
47. Dating (Judith Weber) 1988

Thanks again!
Jodie :)

message 11: by Summer (new)

Summer | 41 comments I read at least the first book in each series you asked about, but I didn't have a clear memory of either. I'm so glad the link helped.

For older series, I've used:
and the Library of Congress is a good reference if you have a partial title/author:

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