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This looked like a great group to join.

I independently published a YA novel called "Latina in Wonderland" which has a strong mother-daughter theme and is non-violent.

I'm thinking about revising it and trying to get it more widely-distributed through traditional publishing.

So, I'm looking for feedback from YA readers and enthusiasts.

In the past, I did a critique and workshop with HS students in Princeton, NJ and this spring a GoodReads teacher is including me in a classroom project in Philadelphia.

I can send a free .pdf version to anyone who would like to read it for a GoodReads review, classroom project, digital library inclusion, or even to add comments to my Teen Space blog.

Thanks and best wishes,


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Anna | 47 comments I would love to read your book and I will also have my 12 year read it for you.

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Thanks so much, Anna!

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I just got a really nice teen review from a reader I knew when she was little.

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