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message 1: by Futurecat (new)

Futurecat | 3 comments Mod
I am re-reading Anubis Gates by Tim Powers for perhaps the fortieth time in the last fifteen years. Not only do I enjoy it, but I learn something new every time that I can use to make my own stories better.

One of the best time travel/ body switching/ sorcery-impinging-on-science stories ever written... Wait, were there ever any *other* time travel/ body switching/ sorcery-impinging-on-science stories?

message 2: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 3 comments Huh, I dont know of any other novels *exactly* like that one (then again I usually stay away from sorcery). I remember looking that book up before and *almost* getting it, but I abhor anything to do with magic (some magic realism is OK though). Would someone like me, who normally hates that kinda stuff still like it?

Anyways, I just joined, and I hadnt really heard the term "post-human" before, but judging from the description and the fact that Nancy Kress is on the list, I guess I can start by discussing Beggars In Spain. I havent read Beggar's Ride yet, but Im looking forward to it. I want to say a few things, but want to see how much of the series you or any other readers might have read before I give away spoilers....

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