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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth | 9 comments Hello! A new member here. Where is the group with The Years? I've recently finished The Waves and have just begun Jacob's Room.

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Indra Barrios Lasso (indrablasso) | 1 comments I see the discussion was in 2009, but here I am, new to this group but not new to VW. I've read many of her books and every time I read her something changes inside me...Now reading The Years and thinking a lot on how things and life changes as well. As I grow older, time goes by really fast. Funny how time works. Sometimes so slow…some others so fast. Time. All my life I have met lots of interesting people, gone to beautiful places, done good and bad things. I have changed. Everybody has. Well, some people haven’t changed a bit. Life is like a empty book, waiting to be filled with stories and experiences. It is a roller coaster full of adventures to be lived, beautiful pictures to record in your mind and lots of love to give and to receive. Yeah…I’ve been reading Virginia Woolf. Going deep in the streams of consciousness…

"She pulled down the blind and climbed into her bed. She laid herself out on the rather hard shelf with her back to the carriage wall, so that she felt a faint vibration against her head. She lay listening to the humming noise which the train made, now that it had got into its stride. Smoothly and powerfully she was being drawn through England to the north. I need do nothing, she thought, nothing, nothing, but let myself be drawn on. She turned and pulled the blue shade over the lamp. The sound of the train became louder in the darkness; its roar, its vibration, seemed to fall into a regular rhythm of sound, raking through her mind, rolling out her thoughts.
Ah, but not all of them, she thought, turning restlessly on her shelf. Some still jutted up. One’s not a child, she thought, staring at the light under the blue shade, any longer. The years changed things; destroyed things; heaped things up — worries and bothers; here they were again. Fragments of talk kept coming back to her; sights came before her. She saw herself raise the window with a jerk; and the bristles on Aunt Warburton’s chin. She saw the women rising, and the men filing in. She sighed as she turned on her ledge. All their clothes are the same, she thought; all their lives are the same. And which is right? she thought, turning restlessly on her shelf. Which is wrong? She turned again.
The train rushed her on. The sound had deepened; it had become a continuous roar. How could she sleep? How could she prevent herself from thinking? She turned away from the light. Now where are we? she said to herself. Where is the train at this moment? now, she murmured, shutting her eyes, we are passing the white house on the hill; now we are going through the tunnel; now we are crossing the bridge over the river. . . . A blank intervened; her thoughts became spaced; they became muddled. Past and present became jumbled together. She saw Margaret Marrable pinching the dress in her fingers, but she was leading a bull with a ring through its nose. . . . This is sleep, she said to herself, half opening her eyes; thank goodness, she said to herself, shutting them again, this is sleep. And she resigned herself to the charge of the train, whose roar now became dulled and distant."
Virginia Woolf, The Years, 1914.

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Carol (goodreadscomcarolann) Woolf wrote: ""

THANKS! This is very helpful!!

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