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♥{Miranda!®}♥  (bella) Wow, I own the ones that have like another hour or two parts in the movie. So it would take me bout... 12 hours to finish these movies. As you can tell I am a big fan. The acting was great, and so was the filming. The "creatures" that were created looked just so real. I haven't read the books, but I would think that they stayed true to the book, since it's 4 hours to finish the movie! The scene with the huge spider in the Return of the King, that part was so real,too. The spider that was on there looked real, I mean the hair and everything about it was realistic, eventhough it was the freakist thing ever,lol! But, yes over all these movies were great! (It was weird seeing Orlando Bloom in blonde hair,lol. I also liked that Liv Tyler was in it!)

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♥{Miranda!®}♥  (bella) DUDE, I OWN THEM TOO! THEY'RE AWESOME! LOL!

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Lynn (dwell_ondreams) I love the movies, though in many cases they aren't extremely true to the books. It's still a fantastic adaptation though, I doubt it could've done better.

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Heidi What amazes me as a fan of the books, is that they really did a great job of bringing Tolkien's world to life. The images were true to my imagination for the most part... that rarely happens in such a large work. I still love to watch them once or twice a year.

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Maryse (belle_maryse) | 66 comments I'm not much of a fantasy movie fan but I love LOTR. I read "Return of The King" before I saw the movie and I always thought the movie added a soul to Tolkien's words (instead of the other way around as in most book adaptations). Aragorn from the book came off as too much of hero, too regal whereas in the movies he felt more human.

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Karen | 27 comments I am taking a photo class and had to do an assignment on aperature....I thought you guys might appreciate this picture...

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Phillip | 10924 comments karen,

i tried to look at your photo, but it wouldn't come up. i was directed to your photosharing site, but it remained blank....


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Karen | 27 comments That's strange...when i click on the comes right up...not sure why you can't see it...;o(

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=== Karen wrote: "I am taking a photo class and had to do an assignment on aperature....I thought you guys might appreciate this picture..."


St[♥]r Pr!nc:$$ N[♥]wsheen pictures, pictures, pictures ||| ♥ Zin Uru ♥ |||| | 482 comments I really like this movie, I watched LOTR 2 several times.

Maybe they should have a more detailed series now so we don't forget the magic...!!!!! lol

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Geoffrey | 209 comments I have seen the Lord of Rings now a total of 3 times, 27 plus hours of viewing. I read the book twiceover back in 1962 and never believed it would come to life on the silver screen. Bakshi, the animator, did the Hobbit back in the late 70´s, but being so put off with his terrible rendition of FRITZ THE CAT, in 1973, I never saw his later flic.
The only scene that I believe to be cut from the orginal novel was the one in which the hobbits return to the Shire after their escapades in Mordor only to find Wormwood, the creep who had soured the King of Rohan´s mind, had taken over the Shire. The hobbits used their well learned fighting skills to put him to misery.

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Bill (kernos) | 141 comments I watch the LOTR trilogy every year for my birthday (over 3 days in Feb). I was hoping it would be in Blu-ray this year, but alas, not to be, perhaps next.

@Geoffrey - yes they cut much of "Homeward bound" and all of "The scouring of the Shire". But, that's not all. "The Old Forest", "In the House of Tom Bombadil" and "Fog on the Barrowdowns" were completely cut.

There were also inappropriate (IMO) changes in the story, besides Arwen at the Ford and her enhanced rôle altogether. The most disturbing for me were Lothlórien elves at Helm's Deep.

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Phillip | 10924 comments i saw all three films when they were released, and was impressed the first time around, but last night i went back and watched the first film (fellowship of the ring) and was pretty disappointed. this is one of howard shore's worst efforts as a film composer; the music sweeps in too many times to manipulate the audience into feeling things the actors (the hobbit actors in particular) are just not delivering on their own. i never realized how awkward that all is until last night. and, in general, the movie is too concerned with sentimentalizing too many moments, and it all starts ringing incredibly false for me. the things that did hold up well are the gorgeous landscapes that populate the film and the acting by the rangers.

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