Love, Revenge, Vampires. Avenging Autumn!!

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D.A. Schneider (derekaschneider) | 4 comments Avenging Autumn Seasons Change Series Book 1 of 4 This is a link to my first book, Avenging Autumn. The second part of the series, The Wintermen will be available soon. The series follows a year in the life of the Writeman family when they are thrown into a hidden world of vampires, werewolves, and other nightmare creatures. These books are aimed at adult readers and depict scenes of graphic sex and violence. Check out the synopsis and let me know what you think.

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Heather (docswife76) | 2 comments My husband ordered your book for me and I can't wait to read it!! It sounds very interesting!

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My friend/coworker & I are going to read your book. She's a big vampire fan & we watch horror films together for fun. She reads a lot of horror fiction. I like the title Wintermen, just sounds creepy. She read the Twilight series & took me to the movie. Was kind of funny because one of our other coworkers refused to go because he said it would be all pre-teen girls. We were laughing when we got there, because indeed, we were probably the only two people over the age of 13 in the theater, but I liked the film & want to read that series, too. I just watched Nosferatu not too long ago again. I love that classic old-school suspense & shadows kind of atmosphere.

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D.A. Schneider (derekaschneider) | 4 comments Thanks for the support. I agree on what you said about Nosferatu, it's hard to beat the classics. There aren't to many horror movies from today that I can get into as much as the old ones. I can watch those over and over again.

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Jason | 2 comments Avenging Autumn was an awesome book. I loved the characters, the dialog, the humor, the violence, sex, gore, and yes, even the romance. The love between Benny and Autumn seemed real and natural, not forced like the "relationship" that ruined the star wars prequels. This was a cool book and i highly recommend it to any fans of vampire books. I just ordered The Wintermen from the link on your profile, can't wait to get it, man. Keep up the good work.

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D.A. Schneider (derekaschneider) | 4 comments Thanks for the kind words, Jason. I hope you enjoy book 2.

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