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message 1: by Irie (new)

Irie (irie_k) | 8 comments Would anyone be interested? Starting a mail-a-book program, so that we could borrow each other's books and collectively save some trees/bookshelf space.

message 2: by Askavi (last edited Jan 28, 2009 07:17AM) (new)

Askavi (courtney47) | 21 comments I'd love to start a book exchange, unfortunately a lot of my books are packed away at my parents' house, so I have a much more limited selection than I'd normally be able to offer. =( And I'd be a little concerned about books being lost in the mail, since I just had the post office screw me over. I <3 my books!

I can go through my list and check the books I DO have with me that would be available for borrowing. I'll try to get that done today. Yay waiting on experiments in lab!

message 3: by Katyana (new)

Katyana | 6 comments I am definitely up for that... god knows I have run out of place to add bookshelves in my apartment. Heh. Almost anything I listed here is actually on a shelf at home (because I skimmed over the shelves to add them to the list here, basically), so if you see anything on my read list that you are interested in, give a shout for me to sent it your way.

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