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message 1: by Lenore (new)

Lenore | 14 comments Please correct the listing for this book. It is showing as an edition of "The Feeling Buddha" (ISBN 0880641983) by the same author. They are separate books. I have read one and am reading the other.

JG (Introverted Reader) | 466 comments I fixed it. There are two foreign editions that look like they have something to do with Buddhism and psychotherapy combined with The New Buddhism. Does that sound correct to you?

message 3: by Lenore (new)

Lenore | 14 comments Wow, you're right on top of things!

After taking a look at the listings for David Brazier books, here's what I think.
Regarding the editions listed under "The New Buddhism," in the absence of more information, ISBN 2709620685 should be listed as a separate book. ISBN 8496052427 should be listed with "Zen Therapy" ISBN 047119283X. ISBN 8496052206 looks correct. In addition, there's a separate book listing ISBN 0880642726 which looks like it belongs with this edition, but it also looks like a bad listing, maybe imported from Amazon, which has the same typo in the title.

Regarding the editions listed under "Zen Therapy" ISBN 047119283X, all look valid.

Regarding the editions listed under "The Feeling Buddha" ISBN 031229509X, all look valid.

The goodread listings for his other two books only have one edition.

Thanks for fixing this!

JG (Introverted Reader) | 466 comments I think I got all that! Thanks for your help, Lenore.

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