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message 1: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) I was sooooooooo sad when he died... too

message 2: by Pandy (new)

Pandy I didn't really feel sad as he fell through the veil; I was just so angry at Bellatrix. After Harry and Dumbledore got back to Hogwarts and started talking about it was when I got upset.

message 3: by Leah (new)

Leah | 1 comments My friend told me before i read it and i was so pissed

message 4: by Pandy (new)

Pandy Yeah. I told my brother and he got really mad too.

message 5: by Pandy (last edited Jan 27, 2009 04:16PM) (new)

Pandy I don't tell anyone except my brother. I told him that Dumbledore would die before he had finished the sixth book and that Moody, Hedwig, Snape, Fred, Dobby, Tonks, and Lupin would die before he finished the seventh one. I know it was mean, but I couldn't resist. He isn't as crazy about Harry Potter as I am.

message 6: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyward) i can't believe sirius died! :(
i just found out yesterday, i'm reading the series for the first time

message 7: by Manju (new)

Manju /*  Life is beautiful  */ (manjulabalu) | 1 comments ya even me.
i like him more than any one(Don't include harry in this list!!!!!)

message 8: by Pandy (new)

Pandy I sort of like him, but I don't think I like him as much as everyone else.

message 9: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) I completely agree with what Molly calls Belletrix in book7 for killing Sirius, then taunting him after it too.

message 10: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) I thought that jkr should never of killed fred or tonks or hedwig

message 11: by Pandy (new)

Pandy Bellatrix didn't kill Fred. Fred was standing in the corridor outside The Room of Requirement with Percy, Ron, and Hermione. A Death Eater's curse caused an explosion which destroyed part of the wall and killed Fred. I think the Death Eater is infered to be Rookwood, since he comes running right after.

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