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Invite plz!

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message 1: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
i thnk this group is gettng pretty fun! if u cood, plz plz invite more ppl to here more interesting stuff on greek gods and mythology! we want a bigger, larger group to hav fun! (plz!)

message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
i just invited 65 ppl

message 3: by Courtney (last edited Jan 24, 2009 10:13AM) (new)

Courtney (bookedwithcourt) i just-ed invited 206 pplz..maybe some of 'em will join XD

message 4: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
OMG THANKS U GUYS!!!! awesum group weve got!

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