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Would you give it an award?

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Liron This topic is going to be about giving this book an award or not. Let's start like this:

Why would you give/or not give this book an award?

Liron I would give this book an award. I loved the stories that Sister Virgina told Cornelia. I thought that I'd never heard stories like those!

Avital I didn't get to the good part, but mommy says it's good. So, I would give it a Newberry Award.

Avital Cornelia IS interesting. She is amazing with words, I just didn't get to the good part!

Liron Well, Avital, the good part of this book is that there are millions (i'm exaggerating) of great stories that Virgina experience herself. I know you didn't finish...
but do you want me to spoil the fun and tell you what it is about?

Liron HE HE! I don't know if you should give it an award quite yet...

I see you haven't finished a lot of it, and I recommend finishing at least half to say it needs in award. I didn't read Houdini Box and I can't say "IT SHOULDN'T GET AN AWARD! IT WAS HORRIBLE!" I have to wait to see how it is when I'm reading.

Liron Let's start a new link.

Let's do stuff with predicting. First, tell me where you are and let's predict what will happen.

Zulakha Yes, of course this wonderful well-written novel deserves an award! This is a fantastic adventurous story by Lesley M.M. Blume!

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