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message 1: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new)

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
This past week many people went out on MLK day and volunteered. Do any of you volunteer? If you are a YA, do you and your friends get out and do any volunteering? If you are a teacher or a parent do you encourage the YAs to volunteer? Anyone know of any good books about volunteering?

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments I'm 16 and an active member of the Key Club at my high school.

message 3: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new)

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I think that's great! I've always wanted to volunteer for animals at a shelter or something but it breaks my heart that they get put down so that is one volunteering place I know I could never go to!

message 4: by Kathryn (last edited Feb 09, 2009 01:46PM) (new)

Kathryn | 60 comments I am not currently doing any volunteering, but I work at a high school so I feel like I'm helping kids every day. I would like to get back into volunteering, but I'm too busy as a newlywed right now.

In the past I did a lot of volunteering in community theater, everything from taking tickets to popping popcorn to performing on stage.

I also volunteered a bit (my sister and dad more heavily) in wildlife rescue. This might be something you could look into, Angie. We dealt with songbirds, feeding baby birds--I don't think there was much death and they had a very high success rate for releases into the wild. It is CRAZY going around feeding those chirping, gaping mouths that are CONSTANTLY hungry, but it was really rewarding! I know what you mean about not being able to face the animals being put down at shelters. One of my friends volunteers at a cat shelter and she often ends up taking kitties home if they aren't adopted, especially if they are sick, and then she nurses them and finds them homes. But, of course, you have to be in the right situation to be able to do this!!! She currently has EIGHT CATS of her own (she usually ends up keeping about one non-adoptee per year!) and a few weekends ago she also had a mamma cat with four kittens she was trying to adopt out! Her husband is a saint!!! ;->

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna I am a co-chair of Community Service at my daughter's middle school. We have monthly meetings and I just created a Facebook group to advertise events. The students (and parents) are encouraged to find a niche that work long-term. Some of the students help at an animal shelter, some at the library, some through scouts, etc.

message 6: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new)

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I think using facebook for advertising something like that is smart. People are really into facebook/myspace and so kids would really pay more attention to that!

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