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Isabella Linton?

Isabella is a remarkable character, if one pays closer attention to her situation. She perhaps isn't as fleshed out as other major figures, but when you have larger than life personalities such as Heathcliff and Cathy in a novel, it makes it hard to squeeze in another major character. She certainly made her impact in a small space.

I think she's more important than others give her credit for. Also, she evolved in a way that her brother Edgar didn't, although credit to Edgar for evolving in a caring fatherly sense to his daughter.

Isabella was initially a naive, spoilt little girl, who was waited on by hand and foot. Yes, she fell blindly inlove with Heathcliff, but what else did she have in life? I think she just wanted to take a chance, and a risk. By the time she escapes Wuthering Heights, she is hardened and bold. Nobody gave her anything there, so she was forced to adapt amongst the insanity. She could have stayed a piece of dirt for Heathcliff to kick around and neglect forever, but she took the plunge to escape. She had balls to do so. And she never crawled back to Edgar for financial assistance.

She could have aided Hindley in killing Heathcliff, but she refused, despite her hatred for Heathcliff by that time. Her explanation for refusing to do so, is one of the best quotes in the novel: "Treachery and violence are spears pointed at both ends - they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies."

I believe she was the first wife to ditch her husband and begin a new anonymous life in Victorian literature. I know Anne expounded upon this theme in Tenant of Wildfell Hall, but the fact Emily laid the raw groundwork for this in Wuthering Heights with Isabella deserves a special mention.

Isabella and her plight is a novel in itself I think. I wanted to know more about her new life in London with her son, and how she got by. But, I guess some things wern't meant to be told.

I think Isabella had the same problem everyone else did in the book, obsession. Only in her case her character was largely ignored by the main characters, and thusly Nelly also ignored her. She kept mostly to her self with no real friends, and in my estimation that is the perfect breeding ground for an unhealthy obsession to begin. She was sheltered by her family and because they lived out in a secluded place she also had no idea that anyone could be cruel or evil. I don't actually think it's so shocking she ran away with Heathcliff, what I did find shocking was that she was shocked about the person he turned out to be, especially after she was warned by Catherine, but mostly after he strung up her dog. If someone is willing to kill your dog, he probably wont hesitate to make you life miserable for his own amusement.

I liked this character very much, I would even say she was my favorite. Although she was naive and spoiled at first, I think Isabella was the only one who actually had a positive evolution in the story. Also, we all go through the process of realizing love isn't as ideal as we think when we're young, and I think Isabella reflects that perfectly, so in some way I can feel empathic to her. And she didn't deserve what happened to her, I felt really sorry, actually.

No, she's a great character.

Hey, did this novel for a course last semester and there was a handout on Isabella Linton that I found interesting: "My name was Isabella Linton": Coverture, Domestic Violence, and Mrs. Heathcliff's Narrative in Wuthering Heights by Judith E. Pike. If you can't find it for free online, I have a PDF (is there a way to attach PDFs on GRs?)
However, I leaned towards that interpretation that Heathcliff represents female sexuality and Isabella (along with her brother) are symbols of conformity which is why both are incompatible with Heathcliff.

Yes, hmmm

Isabella Linton. Spoiled and naive. But undeserving of Heathcliffs plot. She was just a pawn in his game of revenge. Almost all characters purposes were to reveal a side of heathcliff. She revealed a callous side of him that showed he would stop at nothing to execute his plot. I found it very interesting how she mothered her son Linton. She told him very little of his fathering and almost as an act on retaliation named him Linton; the person heathcliff hated most. Im sure there is a lot to delve into concerning her but those were the most standoutish Isabella Lintonisms that occurred to me.

Look before you leap?

Annemarie Donahue I gotta confess, I feel for her. Sure she was silly and a little spoiled (okay, a lot spoiled) but no one deserves harm and what was probably an abusi ...more
Nov 07, 2012 03:32PM

She did what Cathy couldn't do.

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Isabella is clearly irrelevant character. Her being with Heathcliff remind me of high school girls being with the thug guys, thinking they can change them. Isabella is not even that important, she's only in the book so she can have Heathcliff's child. Her brother deserves attention, but Isabella does not.

Isabella had no real personhood in Wuthering Heights beyond simply being Linton's mother and Edward's sister. More than anything else, she was a vehicle for Heathcliff's revenge against Edgar and Cathy and a vehicle for expressing his own tortured, feelings and sense of loss over Cathy's marriage to Edgar.

Robert Agreed! Her character was pretty thin compared to the other major characters.
Nov 08, 2012 08:07AM

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Isabella Linton is an annoying, spoiled, silly, naive, whiny, childish brat.

Why do you think like that Brooke ? She was arguably the most decent character in the novel, maybe along with Hareton.

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I'd hit it.

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