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What did you love most about this book?

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message 1: by Michelle (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michelle I have never read a book this profoundly deep and emotionally passionate in Christian Fiction. We need more books like this one!

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MissSavVy M I definetely agree!!!!! I really like how they had the Dad come back, I would have not liked it quite as much, had he not come back.

Linnette One of the best in Christian fiction ever in my humble opinion. Julie did an amazing job! The layering of the storyline was spot on, the characters were unique and realistic, she stayed true to the era, the emotions were so true to life - the inner conflicts and turmoil...the intricacies of the human heart. Amazing!

Kristen Hard to say what I loved best about this book(or any of them). I picked up #2 at the library b/c the plot sounded light and kind of funny and it was a Christian book. And of course I learned that it wasn't really light, although sometimes funny. By the time I finished it(which wasn't too much later), I was hooked and read all 4 in less than a week - and it only took that long b/c I had to wait on the library :)
But I think the thing I loved the most was that it was just so real. Like, it wasn't one of those 'Christian' books that mentions God in passing and then the characters just go about their business. God was deeply part of the story. Faith's relationship with Him almost IS the whole story. Julie did such a great job at making her relationship with God a huge part of her and so very real - the way it's supposed to be(as she did with all of them).
And I love how it was realistic. It wasn't all sunshine and butterflies for Faith, but she never lost her faith. Not really. And she stuck with what she knew was right, even though it was really hard at times, and in the end she got God's best.
Awesome book. *sigh* Feeling the need to go back and reread them all... :)

Linnette I totally agree with you, Kristen! :D

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Julie Lessman - the author of this series of books - is a sweet Christian woman. Her personality shows quite well in the way she writes. I'm not a huge fan if Historicals, but I liked this book!

Dana I loved that the people were real...not all perfect. Even the strong Christians had flaws and needed to be reminded of their need for God. And I agree agree that it was very emotional. And of course Mitch. Just Mitch.

Jill Awesome book....I'm on to the second book in the series. I agree with the above comments, realistic characters, wow romance, emotionally charged, and most of all getting through all life's ups and downs with faith in God as a sure foundation! Thanks, Julie!

Makala Finley This book is amazing i loved it!!!!!!!!!! She is a amazing Author.

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