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Felisha (sunkissedthoughts) | 3 comments Mod
As we awaken to each new day we must keep our minds refreshed, revitalized and renewed. Let's share and inspire others to live positive, happy lives through kind words, encouragement and other tidbits of life.

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Felisha (sunkissedthoughts) | 3 comments Mod

So many times we put off simply having happiness in life. For some the mind has been conditioned to believe that happiness will be achieved through the gain of something or the completion of something. However that couldn't be further from the truth. Happiness is a mind set, a life style, you must chose to be happy through all things in life. Those things that we complete or acquire should just be the extra added things of excitement. Be conscious of your of thoughts, grab hold of life and claim your happiness. Don't wait for the next thing to happen or for you to complete something for you to feel happiness. This will only give you moments of happiness. But if you condition your mind and make happiness a life style, you will have a life fill with happiness instead of moments.

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