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Tiffany (Tiffanyy) | 2 comments 1)Keeping the Moon-I didn't like this one too much, it was a bit boring and the characters weren't as fun as I thought they would be.

2)That Summer-Again, not a book I want to read again. There wasn't a good story behind it, or so i thought.

3)The Truth About Forever-I absolutely looved this book. It has a very good lesson in it. The characters were just adorable and fun. This is one of my favorites by Sarah Dessen.

4)This Lullaby-I lovved Dexter in this book! He is so cute and silly! I want a relationship like this! so chaotic and care-free.

5)Lock & Key-Not the best, but it still was really good. :) Nate was a sweety.

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Tiffany (Tiffanyy) | 2 comments 6)Dreamland-ahh this book was sooo intense!! Rogerson just makes me reallly mad! It kinda worries me that any of my friends could be in a relationship like this! It's something to think about.

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