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message 1: by Jamine Isabel E. Uy, The creative makes-awesome-stuff-for-us one (new)

Jamine Isabel E. Uy (candy-rain) | 3069 comments Mod
To my friends in goodreads, just like Hoodie, I might have to say good bye to everyone... key word being might.

So far... I have been busy the past couple of weeks, and when I do have the time to log on and chat here, there isn't much people to chat here with nor the people I know are on.

Uni isn't starting until next month but my job and lately just life itself is keeping me busy. My friends and I want to catch up before uni starts and I have plannings to do when I get to the Philippines.

When uni starts that is when chaos begins.

The moment I step in my class, I would have to ask my proffessors to give me the details of the following projects I would be missing out on while I am away on a holiday in the Philippines.

I believe I start on the 25th of February and I leave Oz on the 11th March. I have almost two weeks worth of reading and project making to do and those are new units since this is my second semester.

My majors aren't exactly easy too; Business Law and Accounting.

Law requires lots of readings and Accounting requires calculations and analysis like Law.

With new and advanced, compared to sem 1, units I will find it hard to even have time to pack my luggage for my holiday - more like attending the 1st death anniversary of my grand mother.

I don't know if it will work out between me and good reads. And even if I was done with my holidays, I would have some readings waiting to be done so I could catch up or be up with everyone else.

I am just here to give off an advanced farewell so that I wouldn't leave you people hanging as to my sudden future absences.

I really don't want to leave, I really don't. But I have to choose between 'having fun and slacking off', and 'invest on my future and be able to slack off a bit without guilt in the future.' and with no hesitation I choose the latter.

Well I don't know when I won't be able to log in anymore so I'd make most of the time I have now while I'm free. So I hope you people get to share it with me before I go.

Much love,

~ Rain

¢нυя¢н яανєη** | 79 comments Aw. I don't really know you very much, and now I know I won't but it's always a dissapointment when someone leaves. D =

message 3: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Awwwww... byez Rain!! I'll miss you too, creative buddy!!!

message 4: by Madysen (new)

Madysen (vaiyala) | 142 comments Aw, this is just...sad... ;_; We didn't talk too much but I'll miss you!

message 5: by Fayla (new)

Fayla (bluebutterflyze) | 604 comments :(

message 6: by ♫ Tina ♫ (new)

♫ Tina ♫ | 192 comments Bye-bye! :(

message 7: by Chandani , The TAC Prez one (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 1475 comments Mod

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