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Bree (breej6434) ((welcome to PE/Health. The PE/Health Teachers are Mrs. Park, Mr. Labron, Mr. Shaft. You can Rp them anytime you want. Be sure to only RP during your period- when starting a new period indicate period. PE/Health periods are: 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8. Have Fun!!))

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Brandy walked into the gym and sauntered confidently over to the teacher.She handed her a note to excuse her from P.E.Smiling,Brandy made her way over to a chair where she watched pupils come in.

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Hally walked towards Mrs.Park with a piece of bright yellow paper. Mrs. Parks skimmed the sheet and knodded the bleachers. Hally was relieved to be excused from gym, if only for today. Gym was the one class where she had no answers. She sat close to another girl, who also looked happy to be excused. "Don't you just despise gym," she laughed.

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