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Lily and Mirdina are Phoenixes

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once again, ooooookay....

message 3: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments im just awesome like that

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments no b/c when i die i go 2 heaven u just burn and come back 2 life

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im a phoenixe!!!

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i know thats wat i said. so wat powers or watever can i do?

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments the only thing special is that u burn when u die

message 8: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments exactly which is like really FREAKIN AWESOME

message 9: by Gracie (new)

Gracie | 8 comments that sounds like u got that from harry potter

message 10: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments phoenixes r not just from harry potter they r also a part of many roman and greek myths

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and a part of me

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i must go heal sombody

message 13: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments i dont want to heal people

message 14: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments i want to be an intensivist

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i wanna be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. if i can't be that than, i wanna be a Queen in England, and if that doesn't work out than i'm gonna be a food critic/chef. If i suck at that job than i'm gonna be a flight person mic-jingy.

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serously. thats how my life is goignt o be for now.

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Gracie | 8 comments sara thats alitle over the top dotya think kus u know for u to b the queen of england u havta b like in the succession thingy mc-bob-thinggy

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thats why i'm going to marry or have an affair with someone in the royalty family

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uh huh. hehe.

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well see the thing about the queen thing is that u have to be BORN in to the thron, not married. sorry

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Gracie | 8 comments yeah thats what i meant

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i know

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i'm going to give birth to handsome or beutiful prince or princess

message 24: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 103 comments alright......change of subject

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okay what??

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i wish i can.

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y cant u?
is it set that ur not comming bak?

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i'm not shure, all i know is that i need to keep up with my GOOD grades. i'll find next month. but you guys pray for me.

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i really want to stay buts its not my choice.

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if i do leave, i'm plannig a goodbye partay and gona beg my momther for a phone

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ohhh. you might just get what you want.

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Gracie | 8 comments sara who's gonna bear hug with me?!/!?!?!?!? ur maken me sad

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this really does suck. sara are u even sad?

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i'm soo sorry. you know what? if i do leave, i'll be shure to visit you guys every once in a while. Yes lily, i'm sad. I don't want to leave a school where most of my life has been at. It's hard to leave something so attached to you. My life has been at this school for such a long time. Before i might leave, i'll send everyone an "i'm sorry" card.

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dont do that. 1, u hav nothing to be sorry for. 2, get a phone!

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i'm sorry for leaving you guys. My mommy thinks i don't need a phone.

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u do need a phone. i wil get u one

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no, lily its okay.don't do that my mum would let me keep it. Especially since, we are in debt . It's okay. I'll TRY to pop in every now and than.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments i could tutor u 2 get ur grades up

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ya. go that

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that wood be really nice of you jack, but, i think the only help i need in all my classes are math.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments the only things that i acedimicaly score higher in r science and english and seriously u r like 1 of 2 girls that is regularly nice 2 me

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments i need 2 get paid 4 it though b/c otherwise my parents will think i'm secretly dating u or smthng

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jack, who is the other girl that is nice to you?? dude, it's okay. you don't have to tutor me even though i kind of also need help in science.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 146 comments i made "A"s in on every test in science so BEAT THAT MIRDINA!!!!!!!

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hehe. you guys competing,

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it would be easy. just make A+

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i'm not that kind of person.

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