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Bree (breej6434) ((Everyone chats in the Hallways...))

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Bree (breej6434) Krista Rushed to her locker to retrieve her books for 2nd period.

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Bree (breej6434) Vanessa walked down the hall and went down to the 1st floor where she dropped off her Science stuff and grabed her math book. then she walk to math.

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Belle ♥ (bellabeautiful) | 15 comments Mod
Jeremy walked out of the office with a bright yellow piece of paper clenched in his hand. He finally found his locker after much searching, and threw his books inside. He tried to think positive as he walked down the hallway of his new school. He was on the swimming team, they were supposed to be one of the best in the country. He sighed. "French," he bit his lip. This was going to be a cinch. His family had lived in Paris for two years where he had attended a french speaking school. At least he knew he would get an A in one class.

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