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_*FrOg$~R~a$3$oM3!_* (lilmissfrog) | 3 comments Twilight and the rest of the saga are AWESOME!

message 2: by Marina (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:45AM) (new)

Marina | 4 comments I don't like New Moon as much as the other to much Jacob not enough Edward!

message 3: by Marina (new)

Marina | 4 comments O by the way u all should read the Host it is Awesome. It is like twilight to! A must read for all Twilight lovers!!!!

_*FrOg$~R~a$3$oM3!_* (lilmissfrog) | 3 comments New Moon was like kinda boring without Edward.

message 5: by Tink (new)

Tink (george1944) | 5 comments Loved "The Host" not quite as much as the "Twilight Saga" but still very good.....I can't wait to see what book/s Stephanie puts out this year. I am down to re-reading the Twilight series yet again and re-reading some of the classics.

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Is the host actually good? Doesn't host mean dead body or something???

message 7: by Tink (new)

Tink (george1944) | 5 comments No! it is a symbiotic (Spelling?)the host is the human that the alien lives through.....

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