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message 1: by Rae (new)

Rae (darkkisses) | 1 comments hello my name is Rae, and i have just joined goodreads. i found out about this site throught a fellow friend who also likes to read. here are a few things about me. i am a stay at home mother of five kids. i have four boys and one daughter. ages nine to seven months old. i am married to a very wonderful man who gives me the world such as it is. lol we have been together for ten years. we live in the midwest, and are getting ready to move into a bigger house.
i am a reviewer and i love doing it. i have been a reviwer for about four years now. i work for three main sites and am on my way to another one. i love books and i have been reading avidly since i was 5/6 years old. and have never looked back. my other interest outside of my family and reading are as follow though not in any order well i take that back. lol. after reading and family my other first loves are music, & movies. my other secondary hobbies are gardening, woodworking, candlemaking, crocheting, latchhooking, cross stiching, soap making, painting, computers, running, the gym, cooking, & carpentry. now mind you some of these things i have done in the past before and others im just now starting to get into. i have lots of great plans for my future pastimes and that inclues going back to collage.
im reading when and where i can. i pretty much read anything i can get my hands on. and in the romance genre i read anything from pretty and sweet to almost porn. i like it all. and ive read so many authors and books if you could go inside my head you would prob collaspe from the mental library i keep their. i have thousands of books both ebook and print.
so now that i have given an intro i cant wait to get started in here really good. nice to meet everyone and thanks for having me!!!

message 2: by Liane (new)

Liane Spicer (lianespicer) | 4 comments Hi Rae,

Welcome! I'm new here myself (new to Goodreads and Sisters of Romance) and I'm having so much fun I'm wondering why it took me so long to get here!

You sound like a very busy lady - and you still have time to read all those books? Whew!

Looking forward to discussing some good reads with you.

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