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Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir
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Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
Discuss our nonfiction, Let's Pretend This Never Happened!

Jess (gingeryarnco) | 616 comments Mod
I just got it all set up on my Kindle. :D

message 3: by Michelle (last edited Aug 17, 2012 01:30PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Michelle | 45 comments Well, I'm tapping out. I can't stand the author's writing style. Fork.

She exaggerates and goes of on tangents that aren't interesting (I can stand tangents that are semi-educational like Sarah Vowell or funny). Since I live in Texas, she's sort of a dime a dozen. I, too, know someone from a small, rural Texas town who was the Goth/weirdo.

I've decided to read another memoir of a woman who was poor but then wrote her way to fame and recently wrote a book - that is How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Her writing's tighter, and she has a pro-feminist perspective that make her memoir more cohesive.

Caitlin would probably disapprove of what it said because it sounds like I'm pitting two female writers against each other. I'm not I'm just choosing the one who namedrops Radclyffe Hall, Camille Paglia, Chrisse Hynde, Lady Gaga, Katie Price, Kylie, Frida Kahlo and more in the first chapter. So if I were to compare them Lawson is like a country and Western version of Phish, and Moran is like a good rapper who has punchlines, literary references, and a lyrical theme that she delivers in a tight flow.

Why did I end like that? Because I discovered the full episode of Jay-Z's MTV Unplugged set on YouTube with Mary J Blige and The Roots as the House band. Goodnight because I have plans for the next hour. Snausages.

P.S. I'm glad Nathan Fillon doesn't take a picture with twine for her blog. She made taxidermy and wild animals unfunny.

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Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
Ha! I don't even know what you're talking about since I'm not reading this book, but I love this post!

Michelle | 45 comments Wigs wrote: "Ha! I don't even know what you're talking about since I'm not reading this book, but I love this post!"

I was trying to copy her meandering style of writing. Another thing I didn't like was that she would talk about something silly or crazy that happened to her ...and that was it. I guess it was lacking a certain amount of reflection or introspection that makes an event funny. For example, she gets a herniated disc from brushing her hair. She talks about going to work, but it hurts so much that she's gasping, so she goes to the doctor. She then says sometihng about how most people don't get a herniated disc from brushing their hair so enthusiatically.

Not funny to me. Now if she had gone into depth about brushing her hair and then how she mentally debated whether to go to work or not and then what she must have been thinking to drive to work in that state or her reaction to the doctor's diagnosis or if she changed her hairbrushing routine or kept doing the same thing.

I also have a pretty dry since of humor and her wacky adventure left my funny bone unpreturbed.

Jess (gingeryarnco) | 616 comments Mod
I finished it last night. It was funny. The cat/serial killer story was great and most of the childhood stories were great.

I agree that the adult stories with allllll of the terrible things happening never allowed for more introspection. I have GAD too, as well as chronic migraines, so I can understand the entire "let's laugh off this terrible shit that's happening to me" attitude, but writing a memoir is supposed to allow you go beyond that and reflect on yourself and what you learned from it...

It was basically her blog posts in a book form, there was nothing really added to them at all. It was funny, but I was expecting more.

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