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All Relationship Indeed by Alfred Khokon

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message 1: by Reza (last edited Jan 22, 2009 01:52PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Reza All Relationship Indeed
by Alfred Khokon

All relationships stay there on the roof like a working maid,
quite early in the morning, she clips the sunlight perhaps;
at the end of the noisy night, the wrapper of a child,
sweat, clinging on to mother’s breasts there remains
the saliva of the father; in the pungent smell of nicotine
this relationship is born, dies, and is reborn.
This is how I smoke, while you remain beside
in deep hatred.
This is how this relationship with you
stags, how this work takes on; this is how
in the relations of sunlight you hear the sudden
rumble of the cloud.
Or a serene day somehow comes to wait;
Away from the heaving bosom of the cloud, sounds keep lapsing
into silence.
In love and in aggression, I kiss the saliva of the tongue
and protect
If you make sounds, sounds get born
if you make something fly, it keeps flying-
When those sheltering bars open slowly in fear
even a young revolutionary in pain sits around a table
in the corner.

message 2: by Ilze (new)

Ilze Why are you placing excerpts of this book in the "discussions"? It could be viewed as spamming.

Reza You are absolutely right, but I think at the same time you can read the original text of the poet.
Thank you so much for your comments. Please, keep in touch.

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