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english bookshop in moscow

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message 1: by Irfan (new)

Irfan (ipannapi) | 2 comments hi friends..
im new here.. im in moscow right now..
last week..
i went to dom knigi in novi arbat,
and to anglia bookshop.. it is more like a shaurma shop.. (very little english book to chose)
any of u from moscow?
will u give some direction where i can get english books in moscow..
so anyone care to discuss and share??

message 2: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (bellelettrist) | 1 comments Республика (Respublica) on Tverskaya is the coolest books/music/magazine store!!

message 3: by Tim (new)

When I moved to the Washington DC area, the Victor Kamkin Bookstore had just moved out of Washington to Rockville Maryland (about 15 miles north). I used to buy English translations of Russian classics. The store was there for over 30 years. Competition with the big internet book stores finally forced it to move to the town where I now live, but it did not survive. See

message 4: by Irfan (new)

Irfan (ipannapi) | 2 comments hii..
i got some news for u guys..
since the last time i post here.. i cant find any good bookstore around moscow..
so i decide to buy online.. and i share the shipping price with my friends..

please take a look.. i promise it will be cheap!


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