Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3) Spell Bound question

Tania Tania Jul 31, 2012 09:55AM
yer i was wondering if u guys also find sophie Mercy as the most sacarstic book character ever as for me yes she is the most sacarstic

if u dont think so please share with me u most sarcastic and the book inwhich they are

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Sophie is hilarious, but I also find Tyrion from Game of Thrones to be very funny. He's rather perverted though.

definitely and thats what makes her a better character and partially why i like her so much :)

omg yes but that was what made the book so funny and awesome to read it was like she had a comeback for everything and ya'll got it right thats why her and archer are perfect together :)

Definitely. That's why I love her!

yeah she was awesome, but my favorite sarcastic character ever is Rose from the vampire acdemy :)

Tania im gonna try reading it ,is it in series
Aug 03, 2012 04:48PM
deleted user Oh yes! Rose is the Queen but Mercer is definetetly in the top ten. What about Puck from the Iron Daughter and all those?He's so sexy too lol
Aug 05, 2012 02:57PM

i think Jace from City of Bones is the most sarcastic character :)

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