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message 1: by Mike (new)

Mike (MJMorgan) | 11 comments Mod
I have just started this one, and I am intrigued as to what is in stor for our heros now that they have aged some, and the times have changed for the nation of France. Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas

message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike (MJMorgan) | 11 comments Mod
I have made it to page 150. I am really enjoying this book so far perhaps more so than its predecessor. I love the changes our old freinds have gone through over the years. The characters are filled out more, and there is already an air of increasing intrigue in this novel.

message 3: by Poppy (new)

Poppy | 1 comments I'm listening to an audiobook version at the moment, and I LOVE it. So different from an English book of the same period!

message 4: by Mike (new)

Mike (MJMorgan) | 11 comments Mod
I have finaly found my book, after a month of having no idea where I had set it. I can not wait until I have time to rejoin the friends. I'm only about 350 pages into it. I love the ver changing moods of the story.

message 5: by Mike (new)

Mike (MJMorgan) | 11 comments Mod
I have just read the part involving the son of M'lady telling Aramis, and Athos that he will see them in England. I wonder why this little twit wasn't just bumped off. Dumas must have quite a plan in store in for him.

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