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message 1: by Ina (new)

Ina (inacentaur) | 2 comments Would anyone be interested in joining in an online month-long critical analysis / discussion of Twilight Book 1?

The main discussion will be held in sLiterary, Second Life in February - but we're trying to figure out the best time to hold these discussions.

So far, the plan goes like this:
28 days in Feb, 24 chapters in Book 1
A chapter a day for 24 days on Mon thru Sat (tentatively 7 pm PST?).
Sunday's are open discussion, or a recap of the past 6 chapters of the week (tentatively 3 pm PST?)

Possible topics include literary techniques used in Twilight and Twilight in the literary context - but we plan to keep this open and informal. (And, eventually the rest of the series.)

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Is it here, on Goodreads? Because if it's on another website i can't

message 3: by Ina (new)

Ina (inacentaur) | 2 comments Hmm, it's via Second Life - but we will also post summaries here on goodreads.

message 4: by Nasra (new)

Nasra | 1 comments I think she is perfect choice!

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) ..I'm confused!...:( :S

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