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message 1: by Eldar (last edited Jan 21, 2009 06:26PM) (new)

Eldar (eldarc) | 2 comments Hi All,

Just finished 'The Idiot' and liked it naturally as Doestoevsky has become my favorite writer. I was wondering what would you recommend be read next, The Double/The Gambler, The Adolescent, or Poor Folk. I believe these are the only outstanding works which I have not read and apart from 'Poor Folk' the other works were not critically acclaimed previously so I think I avoided them for that reason - which is probably a stupid reason nonetheless.

It might help that I would rank Doestoevsky's works in the following order starting from the most favourite: White Nights, Brothers Karamazov, Demons, Notes from the Underground, Crime and Punishment, The Idiot etc

message 2: by Hamish (new)

Hamish | 11 comments I would definitely read The Double/The Gambler next, both of which are excellent. The Adolescent is fine, but I would certainly consider it the weakest of his novels that I've read. It's a little contrived and lacks the power and punch of his other novels. Poor Folk is the only one of his I haven't read but I hear it's ok?

message 3: by Andrew (M) (new)

Andrew (M) (markc7) Poor Folks is solid but nothing spectacular. Same with Adolescent, which is much longer and personally I didn't get as much out of it as his other novels.

The Double is something of a riff on Gogol, so you might enjoy that one depending on how familiar you are with G's writing. The Gambler is fantastic, one of my very favourite of Dostoyevsky's. And the story of how/why it was written is fascinating as well.


message 4: by Frankie (new)

Frankie (fran_kie) | 37 comments I agree with Hamish and Mark above, The Double and Gambler are both good. I prefer The Double, written pre-Siberia, where his leftward leanings are apparent. If you want another solid-hit fiction novel, though, Mark is right to prefer The Gambler. Don't forget about House of the Dead (marginally fictional) and my favorite short The Village of Stepanchikovo.

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