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Happy Birthday Roe Vs. Wade

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Keely Hyslop | 18 comments Mod
On January 22nd, 1973 the Supreme Court decided in the case of Roe Vs. Wade that the constitutional right to privacy included a woman’s right to decide whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. If you don't know much about the history of Roe Vs. Wade and the reproductive justice movement, Planned Parenthood has an excellent article:

Happily President Obama has included "Support a Women's Right to Choose" on the new "Women" page on the White House website:

Unfortunately there is no mention of expanding abortion and contraceptive services to ensure that they are available to every woman regardless of the state and county she lives in. As things stand several states such as Utah and Mississippi only have a single clinic providing safe and legal abortions for the entire state. Even with a progressive president in the oval office, the efforts of pro-choice activists will still be needed to ensure that comprehensive family planning services, including access to abortion, are available to all.

Got any ideas for pro-choice activism or other good online resources to share?

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Keely Hyslop | 18 comments Mod
"Reproductive Justice Advocates Reflect on what Roe Does, and Doesn't Do"

This is a very illuminating article:

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