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August Spell It Out

August 1-31

Spell out your word/phrase using the first letter of any word in a book title (other than A, An, And, At, For, In, Is, Of, On, Or, The, To, With) for each letter in the name OR the first letter of the author's first OR last name. You may only use each book for one letter.

S - Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith = 9/1/12
P - Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver = 8/17/12
R - Veronica Rossi / Under the Never Sky = 8/8/12
I - Illuminate by Aimee Agresti = 8/21/12
N - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith = 8/7/12
K - The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom = 8/26/12
L - Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith = 8/24/12
E - The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale = 8/6/12
R - Rules Of Prey by John Sandford = 8/12/12

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