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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue Daniels | 5 comments Do you have any books in the works. I hope so.
Have suggestion- I like to read a book about an average woman who likes to read, intelligent, but nota genius,One who has not suffered a death orgreatlost I liked very much the characters you have created and look for to meeting more in your future books.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellerichmond) | 29 comments Mod
Hi Sue. Thanks for asking! A little secret: even though authors may hem and haw and refuse to give details when someone asks about works-in-progress, we're always glad to hear the question. It means someone is interested in our next book, and that is always gratifying!

I do have a book in the works. I've written about 50 pages of it, and the complete and revised manuscript is due to my publisher in December. It will probably be published in spring of 2010.

message 3: by Sue (new)

Sue Daniels | 5 comments Great- I look forward to reading it.

message 4: by *Nan* (new)

*Nan* (nan4471) Michelle -can't wait to hear more about your new book as time gets closer to the publication date.

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellerichmond) | 29 comments Mod
Hi Nan. Rest assured I'm working on it! I swore off the internet today and wrote 2,000 words. Woo-hoo!

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