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message 1: by Geri (new)

Geri (WomanReadingBook) | 7 comments I'm interested in learning about & reading UU authors, whether historical & famous (see http://www.famousuus.com) or contemporary. Does anyone have a favorite author or perhaps even their own minister's writings & sermons that they'd like to share?

Washington State

Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) | 56 comments Mod
Hi, Geri,

I'm in Seattle, what pare of WA State are you in?

Anyway, Robert Fulgham is a WA State UU minister but his books are pretty fluffy (he's the "Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten" guy). Bill Hough was interim minister at our church a few years ago and led a discussion on his book "Infinity In Your Hands." I liked it a lot.

I know a number of people who really like Forrest Church's A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism.

Our minister growing up was Peter Raible and his sermons were wonderful but he never published any books, I don't think. I don't know if his sermons are avilable.

Is there a particular topic you're interested in? I'd check out the UU bookstore for more ideas.

Sorry I'm not much more help. Maybe if you were more specific about what you want to read. Good luck!

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven | 19 comments UU authors? lots of them out there. Just looking at ministers and sermons? or fiction by UU layfolks? or what about Us and Us author from pre-merger (1961)?
'recent" books I see quickly on my shelf from UU ministers
AMERICA FASCISM AND GOD * Davidson Loehr * 2005
HERE IF YOU NEED ME * Kate Braestrup * 2007

message 4: by Geri (new)

Geri (WomanReadingBook) | 7 comments Thanks for the recommendations, Kelly & Steven. I just added them to my list of books to read. I'm not looking for a topic in particular, just wanted to become more aware of what is out there in the world of books from a UU viewpoint. These suggestions are a really good start.

I'm quite intrigued by "Here If You Need Me". I've thought about getting involved as a volunteer in my city's police chaplaincy program, Support 7, which goes on emergency calls for people who need emotional & spiritual support. It's a huge committment, but one that would be satisfying. Thanks for letting me know about this book!

I live in Lynnwood, WA. I've attended services at area churches - Edmonds (Robert Fulghum was a minister there before becoming a famous author), Shoreline & Seattle. A dear friend of mine (who turned me on to UU years ago) attends the West Seattle fellowship; I'm hoping to get down there one of these Sundays.

I haven't been a faithful church-goer (excuse the pun), but hope to get involved in going to services again if I can get a stable work schedule, as I usually work on Sundays. Nevertheless, I know I have a "spiritual home" amongst UUs.

I look forward to more suggestions from other UUs.


message 5: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 10 comments "Here if You Need Me" is VERY good. We read it for my book group last year -- it may be in paperback. Check the UUA bookstore for UU authors and books. I know my church has a book cart where they sell UU books once a month - maybe a congregation near you does a similar thing?

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