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Gang rape by sons of prominent local residents.

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Derla The treatment the victim experiences when trying to get justice is so typical of the horror stories of a few years ago - I hope this has changed. First the young lady was raped by the 3 young men, and then by the system.

April I read this not to long ago, and I have to agree with you. The system was too corrupt and justice not served until Jade grew up and demanded it.

Lorena Cantos So far this book was one of my favorite everyone received what the deserved ..

Theresa I don't know how Jade survived through this whole ordeal. I'm sorry it took so long, but I'm glad they got what they deserved too!

Joyce Sad, but I believe that our "system" has not changed and if the same thing were to happen to a young girl today, she would be treated with a similar attitude. Broke my heart to read what she had to endure at the hands of "idiots."

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